Overstock.com Confuses Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Creating Instant Money Machine

In an embarrassing case of mistaken identity, the retail website Overstock.com has mixed up Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, cryptocurrencies with dramatically different valuations. A glitch in Overstock’s payment system granted customers to interchangeably pay with either Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. At the time when the glitch was brought to the public’s attention, Jan. 10, one […]

visa bitcoin

Visa Disables Bitcoin Debit Cards, Issuers Scramble to Reassure Customers

Visa has terminated its partnership with WaveCrest, a Gibraltar-based digital payment processing company. In turn, this has essentially disabled Bitcoin and cryptocurrency debit cards. A WaveCrest representative stated, “We deeply regret the inconvenience that this has caused to all of our customers affected by this decision.” Several of major debit card service providers have been […]

north korea monero

Report: Monero Linked to North Korean Server via Malware

Reports have emerged that the popular cryptocurrency Monero is routed to North Korea through malware. The report, from cybersecurity firm AlienVault, claim to have detected software that installs code for mining cryptocurrency on unsuspecting computers. The mined coins are then transferred to a server which is supposed to exist inside a North Korean university. The program […]