Billionaire Howard Marks Warns Investors: ‘It’s Not Different This Time’

Billionaire Oaktree Capital Management Co-Chair Howard Marks is warning investors who think the rules have change are mistaken. In his latest memo, Marks expresses his worries that too many investors believe that this record bull market run can “only get better forever.” Marks warns that investors who subscribe to this train of thought are only […]

Warren Buffett’s Favorite Stock ‘Yardstick’ Predicts Dark Turn Ahead

Felder: Taking a 60% risk for a potential 0% return Margin rates highest since the Roaring ’20s Fed rate cut postponed as recession calls heat up The “Buffett Yardstick“ is what veteran money manager Jesse Felder calls it. It plots the total value of the stock market against the overall size of the economy. Warren Buffet has […]

Trump Trade War Could Trigger Devastating China Response. What Are Our Options?

Rare earth metals are a group of 17 elements such as yttrium, lanthanum, and dysprosium which are indispensable for the modern economy. These metals are used for the production of many key high tech products such as computers, smart phones, as well as electric vehicles, washing machines, magnets and military equipment. In response to the […]

Would You Pay $4.6 Million to Dine With Warren Buffett? Someone Just Did

Warren Buffett, the iconic investor with a personal net worth of $84 billion, is a charitably social individual. For the last two decades, Buffett has entertained business lunches with strangers for the sake of worthy charities. The 20th annual “Power Lunch With Warren Buffett” just went to an anonymous bidder for $4,567,888. The charity lunch […]

Warren Buffett Learned Everything He Knows from This One Book

Value investing is the name of a particular investment philosophy that stresses a long-term approach to investing. Rather than follow short-term trends in the market, value investing relies on thorough research to discover companies that are undervalued and selling below their measurable value. The original concept of value investing was created by Benjamin Graham and […]

Before You Sign, Read the Pros and Cons of Timeshares

Timeshares are upscale vacation and recreational properties that are simultaneously owned by multiple investors. However, there is a catch. Each owner is contractually obligated to only visit and inhabit the timeshare for one week out of every year. Timeshares also get a bad reputation due to the proliferation of industry scammers. They can be questionable […]