6 Most Valuable Comic Books on Earth

Movies, TV shows, video games and cartoons inspired by comic books are multi-billion-dollar businesses today. What you may not know is that collectible comics is also a big business. Comic books of bygone eras hold sentimental value for comic book readers who spent their youth reading comics. Certain comics feature the first appearance of a […]

Top U.S. Regulator Calls Bitcoin ETF a Sure Thing — Eventually

Asked whether those involved in Bitcoin had satisfied his initial concerns regarding a Bitcoin ETF, Securities and Exchange Chairman Commission (SEC) Jay Clayton stated: “The short answer is yes, but there’s work left to be done.” The cryptocurrency industry has taken a number of steps towards addressing issues that make regulators uneasy about launching an […]

Strategist: Retiring Boomers Could Mean Decade-Long Slump in Stocks

Jefferies analysts recently revived an economic theory that the oncoming wave of baby boomer retirements could usher in a stock market “dark period.” The theory goes that as boomers liquidate equity holdings in a mass exodus there could be a decade-long slump in stock prices.  That is, until the younger generation starts to buy up […]

How 401(k) Plans Practically Dictated a Bull Market — and What Could Happen Next

The fund automatically reallocates the bond to equity percentage weighting in the retirement account. Given their popularity, TDFs have had an out-sized impact on the market. In no small measure, these automated funds have helped support the 10-year long bull market. Target-date funds were marketed to individuals in the early years of their employment history […]

Are Income Investors Better Off in Municipal Bonds?

For the past decade interest rates have been at historically unprecedented low levels. Although the Federal Reserve steadily increased rates since 2016, it abruptly reversed course in January and has cut rates twice since then. Paltry yields available have forced investors into dividend-yielding stocks or the bond market, where the coupon rates have been negligible. […]

This Country Possesses the World’s Largest Reserves of Gold

While people transact in dollars, the wealthy and governments transact in gold. The United States is No. 1 in this regard. The U.S. government has more than 8,133 tons of gold in its reserves. In fact, the United States has more gold stored in its reserves than Germany and Italy combined, which are respectively number […]