Analysis: Trade War Threat Is Noise, These Stocks Have Room to Climb

Stocks around the globe appear to be in the process of consolidating. Stocks of U.S., Japanese and Indian companies traded in a volatile sideways pattern while stocks of Chinese and Brazilian companies fell sharply over the past three months in response to financial market participants’ fears regarding the potential negative affect of recently imposed tariffs, […]

Anonymous Source Suggests Amazon Gunning to Sell Homeowner’s Insurance

Amazon, already a giant in online retail, may be secretly brainstorming how to offer home insurance to its millions of regular customers. The unconfirmed report caused a momentary dip in the stocks of several insurance companies. The news, yet to be confirmed by the company, was reported by technology business news website The Information by […]

Which of These 5 Companies Will Be First to $1 Trillion in Market Value?

Apple Inc. is one of five popular technology stocks popular with investors primed to hit $1 trillion in market capitalization value. Morgan Stanley analysts believe that Apple specifically will pass the $1 trillion mark sometime within the next year. A $1 trillion dollar valuation for a publicly traded U.S. business would be historic. For the sake […]

Opinion: U.S. Stock Market Still a Good Bet Despite Trade Worries

Trade War? What trade war? Remember all the investor concern about the potential trade dispute with China and some European countries? Market instability during the first quarter has been directly related to investor concern about the worldwide economic fallout from the imposition of tariffs and other threatened trade restrictions. The market was particularly sensitive to […]