Should the Federal Reserve Issue a Cryptocurrency? One Fed Leader Thinks So

Former U.S. Federal Reserve governor Kevin Warsh believes that the monetary authority should consider minting a government-regulated cryptocurrency of its own, to be called “FedCoin.” Warsh was governor of the Federal Reserve from 2006 until 2011. In his former position, Warsh was also the designated Federal Reserve representative and liaison to the G-20. He also […]

Opinion: Facebook Workers Can See Anything They Want On Your Profile. That’s Wrong.

Bedeviled by the uproar created by disclosure concerning its callous disregard for its user privacy, Facebook’s business practices continue to generate controversy. The latest contentious privacy-related issue concerns Facebook employees’ ability to access users’ profiles without disclosure or obtaining the user’s permission. This dual privacy standard is symptomatic of a dilemma for the company: How […]

Property Investors Identify Asia as the Hot New Frontier for Alternative Real Estate Growth

International property consultants say that there has been a shift among real estate investors to alternative assets in Asia Pacific which offer more attractive yields and stronger long-term growth prospects. According to Rohit Hemnani, Head of Alternatives, JLL Asia Pacific, the alternative real estate market in Asia Pacific is still not as mature as the […]

Report: Bitcoin Could Surge to $64,000 as Better Mining Rigs Come Online

Financial analysis company Fundstrat predicts that Bitcoin’s value could reach up to $64,000 in 2019 — a 700% increase from recent trading levels. Sam Doctor, the head of data science research at Fundstrat, made the prediction in a recently released report. While Bitcoin’s trading value is notoriously unpredictable for investors and speculators, Fundstrat bases its […]

A Startling Amount of Bitcoin Owned by Global Elites Is Literally Buried Underground

A four-year-old startup with a funny name holds about $10 billion dollars’ worth of Bitcoin — about 7% of all Bitcoin in existence — in impenetrable bunkers around the world. Because rich people want it that way. The company, Xapo, is the brainchild of serial web entrepreneur Wences Casares. His clientele includes millionaires and billionaires that […]

If History Is Any Guide, It’s Time to Bail On Stocks for the Summer

During the past few months, investors have had to contend with market volatility, an increase in interest rates and uncertainty about the direction of the yield curve and the stock market. To complicate matters, those looking to take short-term profits presently face another unknown variable: May through November has historically been a six-month weak stretch […]

Survey Backs Bond King Gundlach’s Call to Own Gold Ahead of ‘Massive’ Buying Base

According to a recent report, gold is expected to deliver an unprecedented price performance in 2018 and beyond. The Gold Survey 2018, published by the GFMS Metals Research, a unit of Thomson Reuters, says that uncertainty in the markets is fueling the yellow metal’s safe-haven character, leading to an increase in investments in gold bars […]

Retail Cryptocurrency Trading Could Take Wall Street by Storm

A Thomson Reuters survey reveals that more than one in five financial institutions is currently considering crypto trading in response to consumer demand — and maybe starting up within a year. Retail industry interest in cryptocurrency trading has surged as cryptocurrency mania continues.  The survey compiles responses from more than 400 financial companies. Well over […]

Opinion: Stock Are Returning to Normal. Investors Should Adjust Accordingly.

Though they may be loathe to admit it, investors have been spoiled for the past decade and largely shielded from the risk of even a mild downturn in the market. Pampered by 10 years of historically unprecedented low interest rates and an unwavering Federal Reserve policy of easy money, many investors have been disquieted by market […]