Day Traders Pumping Up ‘Garbage’ Stocks Thanks to Social Media: Experts

The volatility and speculation in the stock market since the COVID-19 lock down has been unprecedented, and this hasn’t been lost on Mad Money’s Jim Cramer. “I’ve never seen so many games played with stocks, which is that, ‘Hey, we’re taking this one up today. We’re taking that one up today,’” said Cramer. “Please be careful […]

Cramer: Pandemic ‘One Of The Greatest Wealth Transfers In History’

Big businesses will prosper and everyone else will suffer, thanks to the pandemic. That’s the view of Jim Cramer, the irascible CNBC host of “Mad Money.” The business lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic led to “one of the greatest wealth transfers in history,” Cramer says. Large essential big-box retailers, like Walmart, were allowed to stay […]

Negative Interest Rates? This Economist Says Yes, or Kiss the Recovery Goodbye

Yi Wen, an economist working at the St. Louis Fed, says policymakers in the United States “will need to consider negative interest rates” if they want to see a V-shaped recovery. Congress acted quickly to expand unemployment benefits and sent stimulus checks to millions of Americans. That money is now gone, the benefits are ending soon and […]

Expect a Turbulent Summer for the Economy, Continued Joblessness, Business Leaders Say

The stock market recovered strongly and then just too another dip. Now CEOs and other leaders warning that the bumpy economic ride is nowhere near over. “The economic impact of the lockdown is just starting to begin,” says James Quincey, CEO of Coca-Cola. “We’re going to have to recognize that coming after this virus crisis […]

Automated Cars Should Be Safer — Yet Sometimes They Are Not (Shocking Video)

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), have come under fire lately from many quarters. In light of recent fatal crashes involving cars equipped with driver assisted technology, regulators have started to scrutinize its effectiveness in reducing accidents. Previous advocates of the technology are now reassessing the benefits of the safety system in light of its demonstrable […]

5 Reasons a Wrist Watch Can Be Worth More Than a Luxury Car — and Even Retain More Value Over Time

Placed side by side, a Rolex White Gold Presidential Oyster Perpetual wristwatch, is not much larger than a typical, multi-function digital timepiece made by Casio. Yet one costs over $7,000; the other, approximately $200. Since size doesn’t matter, what factors contribute to a luxury watches price? Here are five drivers that make luxury watches different […]