Does China Control the Future of Global Economic Power? It May Already

President Donald Trump imposed a $200 billion tariff Chinese exports earlier this year. Chinese Premier Xi Jinping then imposed a retaliatory $121 billion tariff on U.S. goods. And the political grandstanding continues between both countries. Huawei, a Chinese tech company, is barely known in the U.S. Yet, it stands to surpass Apple as the second-largest global […]

Opinion: What The Federal Reserve Does No Longer Matters

A decade of historically unprecedented near zero-interest rates provides a good backdrop for assessing the impact the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies have had on stimulating economic growth. The economy has undergone significant changes over the past thirty years. Are the traditional tools the Fed uses still applicable today? Any intelligent analysis of the current role […]

Warren Buffett Out of a Job? How Low Rates and Tech Are Killing Value Stocks

The concept of value investing was championed by many famous 21st century investors. Warren Buffet, his mentor Benjamin Graham, and reclusive hedge-fund billionaire Seth Klarman have made millions buying distressed assets on the cheap. Now, analysts at asset management firm AB Bernstein believe that technological advances, low interest rates and increased competition has made value investing […]

Analyst Sees ‘Startling’ Decline in Tech Stock Earnings, Far Worse Than Overall Market

The market’s lengthy bull run is in no small part due to the increasing valuation of the nation’s biggest tech companies. Toni Sacconaghi, AB Bernstein’s senior technology research analyst, sees this trend coming to a halt very soon. According to Sacconaghi, the tech sector is now trading at 21.4 times forward earnings, the highest it […]