Warren Buffett Out of a Job? How Low Rates and Tech Are Killing Value Stocks

The concept of value investing was championed by many famous 21st century investors. Warren Buffet, his mentor Benjamin Graham, and reclusive hedge-fund billionaire Seth Klarman have made millions buying distressed assets on the cheap. Now, analysts at asset management firm AB Bernstein believe that technological advances, low interest rates and increased competition has made value investing […]

Analyst Sees ‘Startling’ Decline in Tech Stock Earnings, Far Worse Than Overall Market

The market’s lengthy bull run is in no small part due to the increasing valuation of the nation’s biggest tech companies. Toni Sacconaghi, AB Bernstein’s senior technology research analyst, sees this trend coming to a halt very soon. According to Sacconaghi, the tech sector is now trading at 21.4 times forward earnings, the highest it […]

California Businessman Wears Elf Costume and Throws Money at Homeless to Get Them to Leave

Homelessness is an American exploding problem. More than 40% of homeless Americans reside in either New York or California. California is particularly struggling. Los Angeles has more homelessness now than ever before in its history. The city’s homeless population increased by 16%, or more than 36,000 people. Los Angeles county alone saw its homeless population increase by […]

6 Books That Can Take You from Novice to Accomplished Stock Investor

There are many things that scares beginners away from investing — inexperience, intimidation, and ignorance of the financial market system. However, we all have a first experience when attempting something new. Even the most legendary stock market investor had a first-time investing experience. It helps to have a mentor, but the most practical approach for […]

Most Americans Are Just Too Poor to Save for Retirement

Why are many Americans not saving enough for retirement? While there are many explanations, the real reason is that many don’t make enough money. Yes, the world’s richest country is somehow home to many of its poorest, at least relative to the high earners we have. Here are some unpleasant facts about American incomes to […]