This Metal Has Roared 70% In Value and Surpassed Even Gold

A European move away from polluting diesel has increased demand for catalytic converters, which use palladium. There are only a few palladium mines in the world, constricting supply. The global trend toward electric cars should reduce demand, but that could be years away. A rare metal, a vital component in the production of catalytic converters, […]

Become a Millionaire by 50 Without Killing Yourself

Just about anyone can become a millionaire by 50. Sustainable financial independence is the dream of virtually every ambitious person, of course. Some make it, some don’t. The truth is that it is entirely possible to become a millionaire by 50, if you are disciplined, tenacious, and willing to take the right steps at the […]

7 Ways to Build Passive Income for a Life of Financial Ease

Passive income is not money for doing nothing but money from an initial effort that continues with little extra effort. Anyone can build passive income by investing in themselves to learn how others make money outside their normal careers. Creating passive income can lead to more freedom in life, early retirement or just more money, […]

7 Powerful Bear Market Investing Strategies That Work

Bear market investing strategies are difficult to execute. Not many people watching their investments go down in value can still stay calm and collected. The good news is that bear markets typically last for a much shorter period of time than bull markets — usually months vs. years and decades. If you are crafty, you […]

Analysis: Emerging Market Stocks to Outperform in 2019

For most of 2018, emerging market stocks were one of the worst-performing sectors in the entire market. Since late October, emerging markets have demonstrated impressive relative strength and fundamentals are confirming this bullish price action Brazilian stocks and Chinese stocks providing most upside The weekly five-year chart below shows emerging markets’ price action and volatility. […]

A Stock Market Crash Isn’t the End of the World. Here’s Why.

Is there a stock market crash ahead? There’s always that possibility, however slim. Yet market ups and downs, sometimes called “volatility,” is more normal than a lack of it. A significant decline or loss of statistical paper wealth is nothing to celebrate, yet it is no reason to panic, either. A stock market crash, slump, […]

Shock Market Declines Offer New Entry Points for Smart Dividend Investors

The weakness in the stock market has reached liquidation levels, where high-quality names are being sold off along with low-quality companies — time to make your shopping list Further stock market weakness is likely despite the recent rally, so buyers should remain patient and selective Interest rates have declined and are likely to decline further, […]

alternative investment ideas

Alternative Investment Ideas for a Chaotic Stock Market

If you are an investor who is looking to diversify your portfolio beyond stocks and bonds, alternative investment ideas are all around you. Investing in alternatives can be an effective way to reduce portfolio risk and volatility. What’s more, they can increase your overall returns in the long term. “Alternative” is a term that refers […]