Is Art a Good Investment? 3 Strategies That Super Rich Collectors Swear By

Is art a good investment? Only if you know the techniques of the very rich collectors who do it well. For many investors who are seeking alternative investing opportunities, the art market has become too large to ignore. A few wealthy art collectors with acumen have been able to make eye-popping returns. For instance, John […]

5 Key Marijuana Investing Risks to Avoid Before Plunging into Pot Stocks

Marijuana stocks have continued to maintain their rally in 2018, even though many of them are down from their multi-year peaks attained in the first quarter. All-around encouraging news for the cannabis industry has attracted many new investors. Here are five marijuana investing risks that both new and old cannabis investors should avoid in order […]

build wealth

5 Things You Must Do Now to Build Wealth

Everyone wants to be wealthy. However, it takes dedication and sacrifice to build wealth. Being wealthy involves adjusting your financial mindset about money. You must continually view money as a tool to make more money. To achieve that, you must make your money work for you instead of continually working for money. Most importantly, generating […]