Blackstone Strategist Calls This Investment the ‘Mother Of All Bubbles’

Blackstone strategist Joseph Zidle believes that he has identified the “mother of all bubbles” — the sovereign bond market. Zidle wrote back in August that “negative-yielding bonds total over $16 trillion globally.”  The strategist identifies three ways that an investor can lose money when investing in a negative yield bond: 1) Lost principal when the investment is held […]

Be Careful When Buying an Annuity

Annuities can be an appropriate retirement savings vehicles for those individuals with specific needs and investment objectives. There are a dizzying array of annuities marketed by financial advisors. Regrettably, over the years, unscrupulous financial planners, motivated by the high commissions paid, have sold annuity products to individuals for whom the product was clearly unsuitable in […]

Can the Government Break Up Big Tech? Should It?

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal publicly exposed the data privacy abuse practices of social media giant Facebook, that company as well as other tech giants have been under increasing scrutiny due to the tremendous power these companies wield over our political, social and economic spheres. The public is now demanding transparency and accountability concerning […]