Are Low Interest Rates Actually Good For Stocks?

Is the current high valuation of the market a dangerous aberration from the norm? Many analysts contend the market isn’t overvalued, because there is a causal connection between low interest rates and high earnings multiples. The theory is that if you make money cheap companies cannot help but invest and grow their earnings. How does their […]

5 Simple Investment Rules from Warren Buffett’s Right-Hand Man

Legendary value investor Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s right-hand man, has always tried to simplify some of the essential steps for successful investing. Munger has helped Buffett steer Berkshire Hathaway toward unparalleled profitability over decades, regularly slaying the S&P 500 by double digits. Investors who follow these basic tenets assiduously will find that it leads to successful […]

5 Crucial Money Decisions If You Are Forced to Retire Early

Forced retirement is a problem many folks are grappling with these days. Around 37% of retirees in the country leave work earlier than they had expected, typically due to health problems, layoffs, shutdowns and cutbacks. Many forced to retire early struggle with their day-to-day expenses as a result of losing their only source of income. […]

Analysis: Don’t Look For Wind And Solar to Replace Oil Anytime Soon

There has been much talk over the past few years about renewable energy sources, most notably wind and solar, supplanting hydrocarbon based fuels. Despite all the hype about a carbon-free future, the facts indicate that oil and gas will continue to be our principal sources of energy. Here are the trends behind the longevity of […]

5 Ideal Fields For Part-Time Work During Retirement

Retirees who are in reasonably good health could have different motivations to work, apart from economic necessity. Some may choose to work out of their need for intellectual stimulation, while others may find that working is good for their physical and emotional well-being. Some may simply want to keep themselves busy by working part-time after […]

Opinion: Slim Chances of Approval For Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency

On June 18th Facebook unveiled plans to establish its own proprietary Bitcoin-style cryptocurrency, called Libra. Facebook’s financial services offering would allow smart phone users to send money to each other and pay for goods across the Internet. Facebook hopes to implement its digital currency offering in 2020. Facebook shares are up 45% this year, in part […]