Citigroup Picks This Island Nation as Top Frontier Investment

International banking and finance experts are recommending that investors start paying more strategic attention to frontier market investment opportunities. While higher risk, these markets often represent the fastest growth to early investors. Sri Lanka, an island country off the coast of India, is fast becoming a frontier market to watch, they say.  In fact, Citigroup […]

Volatility ETFs Wipe Out Leveraged Investors as Stocks Reel

The recent  swings in the stock market  have taken a heavy toll on investors, particularly those who were betting, some with borrowed money, that volatility would continue to remain low. After years of market stability, investment firms began offering ETFs that allowed investors opportunities to profit from a stable stock market environment. These funds were […]

Opinion: Plain Old FOMO Pushing Wall Street Toward Crypto

Goldman Sachs, the venerated investment banking firm whose chiefs dominate policy and sit on important financial boards in government, may not have jumped into cryptocurrency market. Chances are, it was pushed. Wall Street already has a big problem with fear of missing out, or FOMO. Now it appears that a decision to enter the Bitcoin […]

Gundlach: Bond Bull Market Teeters as Stock Sell-off Signals Change

Bond guru Jeff Gundlach, founder of  DoubleLine Capital, not long ago said that the bond bull market would end if yields on the 10-year U.S. Treasury approached 3%. Yields already have crossed the 2.6% level, which Gundlach predicted would be a negative headwind for stocks. Currently, the 10-year is sitting just beneath this level due to […]

Forbes’ Bitcoin Billionaires Could Be First Trillionaires

New markets create new, and sometimes very great, wealth. Centuries ago, it was spices. More recently speculators got rich on railroads, then stocks. Now it’s cryptocurrency’s turn. The virtual currency market was created less than a decade ago but already has minted multi-millionaires and even billionaires. Forbes, the keeper of the lists of the world’s […]

How Volatile, Opaque Exchanges Make Bitcoin Expansion Unlikely

The U.S. government agency charged with ensuring market integrity and protecting retail investors from fraud and abuse expressed skepticism over whether Wall Street firms could ever issue a cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF) that would satisfy securities laws. A crypto ETF would greatly expand the pool of potential investors, creating liquidity that would make cryptocurrencies more […]

Bitcoin and Marijuana Draw in Millennial Investors

Millennials, people under the age of 35, are in the driver’s seat when it comes to speculating on cryptocurrencies and cutting-edge investments such as marijuana stocks. Investment accounts opened initiated by people under the age of 35 catapulted by 72% in 2017, reports TD Ameritrade. “Clearly, the two biggest stories of the quarter were the […]

BlackRock Strategist: Bitcoin ‘Not Investable’

The world’s largest investment manager BlackRock runs $5.7 trillion in assets. But not in Bitcoin, or not yet anyway. BlackRock has a spotty record predicting emerging technologies such as the Internet, yet it has massive influence in markets and with policymakers. Its global chief strategist for multi-asset investments, Isabelle Mateos Y Lago, recently said flatly that “Bitcoin isn’t […]

Financial Regulator FINRA Zeroes in on High-Risk Brokers

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has taken new steps to identify and weed out high-risk brokers. Under pressure from both investors and lawmakers, the industry-run regulator has created a dedicated examination unit. The unit already has identified between 100 and 200 rogue reps. This is a significant improvement over previous FINRA security measures, which […]

As Bitcoin Falls, Investors Flock Instead to Blockchain ETFs

Bitcoin, the most popular of the digital currencies by market capitalization, has plummeted in value. Now, investor cash is starting to flow into the exchange-traded funds (ETF) business related to blockchain, the technology that drives cryptocurrencies. Investors poured $240 million into two new blockchain ETFs launched on Jan. 17. Amplify Transformation Data Sharing ETF (BLOK) increased managed […]