Passive Investing Reigns, but Active Often Means Better Returns

Equity investors increasingly invest in funds with passive strategies. Instead of using an active strategy of picking certain stocks, passive funds park money in assets with returns based on stock indexes reflecting the whole market, the good, the bad and everything in between. But active strategies can outperform passive ones, not only in stock trades […]

As Oil Trading Lags, Banks Make Bigger Gains in Gold, Silver

Global revenues derived from precious metals-related investments surpassed oil-based revenues for the bottom lines of over 50 investment banks in 2017. This was the first time since 2014 that this happened in the commodities sector. According to statistics compiled by Coalition, a financial industry analysis company, the 50 largest investment banks and financial institutions in […]

Analysis: Consumer Staples Stocks are Not Safe

Typically, consumer staples stocks are seen as a defensive sector, something to own when stocks are challenged. Companies in this sector tend to have boring business models, selling things like cleaning supplies, soap, or toothpaste. Basically, stuff where there will be demand regardless of economic conditions. Since the bull market began in 2009, these stocks have […]

‘Alexa, How’s My Retirement Portfolio Doing Today?’

Retail giant Amazon might be gearing up to provide wealth management services, according to industry observers. And that could drive down investing costs to nothing at all. It makes sense. Financial advice has become increasingly commoditized in order to reach out to even the smallest of investors. Now the company that pioneered online retail is […]

Wall Street Moves Toward Regular Trading in Cryptocurrencies

Wall Street trading firm Jane Street Capital will begin trading in cryptocurrencies, beginning with Bitcoin. Known for being secretive about its proprietary practices and profit margins, the firm reportedly trades more than $13 billion daily. Jane Street Capital is believed to primarily deal in trading related to stocks, technology and arbitrage trades. Exactly how the firm […]

Yes, Investors Just Gave $12 Million to a Virtual Kitten-Breeding Game

CryptoKitties — the Ethereum-powered virtual game in which users spend crypto to collect digital pet cats — has raised more than $12 million in seed capital. Like Angry Birds was for smartphone apps, the makers of the game are hoping for a breakout success to makes using cryptocurrency a mainstream activity for millions. The Vancouver-based developers […]

Who’s Listening To Your Smartphone Conversations? Some Fear It’s China….

Is your smartphone a double agent? Following a warning from the U.S. government’s top security agencies on Chinese-made phones, at least one mainstream U.S. retailer has decided to stop selling them. Best Buy has dropped smartphones, smartwatches or laptops from Chinese manufacturer Huawei. Huawei is the world’s third-largest smartphone maker. Best Buy is the United States’ largest […]

This Mineral Is the Heart of the New Economy, and One Country Supplies Most of It

First Cobalt Corporation, a Vancouver-based miner, will take over American mining company US Cobalt Incorporated. The all-stock deal is reportedly worth about $116 million dollars. The buyout also represented a 61.8% premium to the closing stock price of US Cobalt shares on March 13. “We’re trying to fast-track our way into North American mining and refining,” said […]