How Big Private Equity Funds Find Elusive Double-Digit Returns

Private equity investors are increasingly inclined to put some of their funds in long-term investment vehicles — and they achieve better returns for the longer commitment, according to a new report. The report, “Global Private Equity Report 2018,” reveals that longer holding periods in private equity present an opportunity for superior returns on committed capital in […]

You’ll Make More Money Investing by Making This One Easy Decision

Addicted to CNBC’s breathless market updates? Fascinated by hot investments of the moment? Sorry, the data say that sticking with one investment strategy is a better by far vs. chasing higher returns by constantly switching from one investment to another. Like a successful marriage, a profitable investment strategy is sustained over the long term, good […]

The Marriage of Gold and Crypto: A Match Made in Investment Heaven?

One the of the world’s largest gold-producing companies is working with blockchain to stabilize virtual currency trading and, in time, to monetize the value of billions in currently stored gold. The company, Vancouver’s Goldcorp, will back cryptocurrency transactions with physical gold held in an vault at the Royal Mint in Ottawa. As an initial step, […]

Analysis: Junk Bond Investors On High Alert As Risks Mount On Fed Rate Decision

Thanks to a long-running stable interest rate climate, holders of low-grade corporate debt — so-called “junk bonds” — enjoyed higher returns while assuming relatively minimal additional risk. Now that the Federal Reserve has announced its intention to raise rates, though, the good times for high-yield bonds may be over. Recently, investors have become increasingly leery […]

JP Morgan Chief Jamie Dimon Warns of Bloodbath If Indexers Bail On Stocks

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of banking giant JP Morgan, is warning shareholders of the potential for a massive exodus from stocks driven by supposedly “passive” index fund investors. Index funds own the entire stock market rather than selecting specific stocks. The slow and steady rise in stock market valuations has led many investors to choose […]

Trump Is Busy Bashing Amazon. But Does He Have a Case Against the Online Retail Giant?

Amazon, the online retail giant, has been the latest object of President Trump’s Twitter fury. Last week, Trump continued his attacks on the company and the negative economic impact of its business practices, claiming that “they pay little or no taxes to state & local governments, use our Postal System as their Delivery Boy (causing […]

Popular Messaging App Telegram Raises $1.7 Billion for New Crypto Launch

Messaging app company Telegram already has raised more than $1.7 billion dollars from small investors for its planned cryptocurrency launch. An ICO is a fundraiser designed to back cryptocurrency-centric business endeavors. Telegram’s first ICO already was the largest on record, amassing more than $850 million. The five-year old company has more than 90 accredited investors pledged […]