#RoastMe: The 11 BEST Mark Zuckerberg Congressional Testimony Memes

As we all awaited Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before the House Energy & Commerce Committee, we expected some interesting headlines to arise. No, not really. But the Internet saved the day by unloading on the young, tech-savvy billionaire with hundreds of Zuck memes. The crowd on Capitol Hill is certainly grilling Zuckerberg over his company’s handling […]

Crypto Traders Whose Sold Bitcoin at the Top Face a Difficult Tax Season

Investors enriched by the 2017 bull market in cryptocurrencies now face hefty tax liability and increased scrutiny from the IRS. The IRS treats cryptocurrency as property, not currency, for tax purposes. So every exchange of a digital coin for something else is a taxable event. Many investors who sold one type of cryptocurrency to buy another […]

Analysis: Junk Bond Investors On High Alert As Risks Mount On Fed Rate Decision

Thanks to a long-running stable interest rate climate, holders of low-grade corporate debt — so-called “junk bonds” — enjoyed higher returns while assuming relatively minimal additional risk. Now that the Federal Reserve has announced its intention to raise rates, though, the good times for high-yield bonds may be over. Recently, investors have become increasingly leery […]

States Seek Power to Offer 401(k) Retirement Plans to Everyone

Several states and retirement plan advocates are supporting passage of a plan to allow state governments to offer retirement plans to workers not covered by 401(k)-type workplace plans. The plans would be run by the state but offered through small businesses that normally cannot effectively manage a 401(k). Deductions from worker paychecks would fund the […]

Experts: Smart Retirement Investors Use Cryptocurrency to Season, Not Stuff, Their Portfolios

Big bets on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are too risky for retirement investors, but a little digital money can hedge against declines in the values of other nest-egg assets. Bitcoin is the most widely held cryptocurrency, but its volatile value makes bitcoin unsuitable as a long-term investment, according to David Twibell, president of Custom Portfolio […]

Runaway Tech Wealth Driving Small Investors Away from Stock Market: Study

Technological changes over the last two decades have transformed the way people live and work. They’ve also impacted the way people perceive investment risk, according to new research. A recently published research paper that shows a connection between technological disruption and the substantive changes that have taken place in investor behavior. Researchers Stavros Panageas at UCLA […]