8 Tips for Efficiently Managing Your Small Business Finances

Managing your small business finances is crucial. Small to medium-sized businesses need financing but they lack enough of it — to the tune of $5 trillion, according to the SME Finance Forum. This lack of accessibility to affordable financing makes it far more important for small businesses to manage their finances efficiently in order to compete […]

build wealth

5 Things You Must Do Now to Build Wealth

Everyone wants to be wealthy. However, it takes dedication and sacrifice to build wealth. Being wealthy involves adjusting your financial mindset about money. You must continually view money as a tool to make more money. To achieve that, you must make your money work for you instead of continually working for money. Most importantly, generating […]

Is Filing for Bankruptcy Bad for You? It Depends…

Is filing for bankruptcy bad for you? Deciding whether to file for bankruptcy can be extremely difficult, mainly because of the significant impact it has on your credit. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy, for example, will stay on your credit report for 10 years. However, if you’re facing considerable financial hardship because of unpaid bills declaring […]

7 Financial Moves to Help You Retire as a Millionaire

One out of six retired Americans is a millionaire right now, according to from the Fed Reserve Board and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Could you retire as a millionaire? However, the median wealth of retirees is only about $200,000. Clearly a few people with $1 million actually have a lot more, while most Americans have significantly […]