6 Steps to Recession-Proof Your Finances

Recessions are typically accompanied by job losses and declining stock markets, which can make it tough for the average individual to meet their short- and long-term financial goals. With the following steps involving some financial planning and discipline, you can get past the recessionary phase with relative ease. Here are six steps that can recession-proof […]

This Country Possesses the World’s Largest Reserves of Gold

While people transact in dollars, the wealthy and governments transact in gold. The United States is No. 1 in this regard. The U.S. government has more than 8,133 tons of gold in its reserves. In fact, the United States has more gold stored in its reserves than Germany and Italy combined, which are respectively number […]

This is What Can Happen If You Don’t Pay Taxes

A comedian once said that death is painful, but it only happens once. Taxes, however, seem to get more painful every time politicians get together. It’s also an annual ritual of mental anguish for many Americans. Who doesn’t dread the annual encroaching of April 15th? Depending on your tax bracket, the average annual tax burden […]

5 Key Considerations Before Refinancing Your Home

Refinancing your mortgage can be a good idea for a number of reasons. Interest rates might be lower. You might be looking to reduce your loan’s term. Or you might need to access a portion of your home’s equity for debt consolidation purposes You must, however, give refinancing some thought before pulling the trigger. Under the wrong […]

Big Changes to Your Retirement Plans: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Small business employees, new parents and working retirees would benefit Retirees could find it easier to create lifelong retirement income using 401(k) dollars Heirs, however, are likely to pay more in taxes to make the cost impact neutral The House recently passed a bill that contains some of the most significant changes for qualified retirement […]