Analysis: Trade War Threat Is Noise, These Stocks Have Room to Climb

Stocks around the globe appear to be in the process of consolidating. Stocks of U.S., Japanese and Indian companies traded in a volatile sideways pattern while stocks of Chinese and Brazilian companies fell sharply over the past three months in response to financial market participants’ fears regarding the potential negative affect of recently imposed tariffs, […]

Millennials Believe They Will Earn Millions and Retire By 56

Millennials have a rosy outlook concerning retirement financial solvency that doesn’t square with reality. Most Millennials, the age demographic of young people between the ages of 21 to 37, expect to retire by the age of 56. A large percentage of Millennials also expect to become millionaires something within their lifetimes. Investment brokerage company T.D. […]

Young Americans Set to Inherit $30 Trillion. That Affects Their Whole Retirement Mindset

Over 63% of affluent young adults between the ages of 18 and 22, the so-called Generation Z demographic, are counting on familial inheritances to pay for their retirement years. This is according to a recent Merrill Edge Spring Report compiling data on the subject. Considering that the children of affluence have more access to resources […]

The Trade Wars Have Begun, and This Investment Sector Is Getting Hit from Both Sides

President Trump and his administration are finalizing a list of goods from China that will be subject to the newly imposed 25% tariff with the tariff going into effect soon. This is only one of many details and deadlines that are looming in the ongoing trade debate between the United States, China, Canada, Mexico and […]

World Bank: Trump’s Trade War Tariffs Could Reignite 2008 Financial Crisis

Escalating global trade war tensions, fueled by mounting Trump administration bravado, could retrigger the 2008 global financial crisis, warns the World Bank. This is the grim prediction that the bank foresees in their latest Global Economic Prospects report. The World Bank is a 189-member international financial institution that provides loans to countries, especially in the […]

Leon Cooperman: Sell on Strength In This Market, But No Imminent Crash

Leon Cooperman, the Chairman and CEO of Omega Advisors, is well known for his value investing and fundamental analysis. His firm, founded in 1991, and currently has $3.4 billion in assets under management. In this interview, Cooperman touched on everything from the stock market to tariffs enacted by the Trump administration. Regarding stocks, Cooperman said he […]