Best Short-Term Bond Fund ETFs for 2018

As short-term bond yields continue to rise, short-term bond fund ETFs may be an appropriate addition to an individual’s long-term investing strategy. Short-term bond ETFs invest primarily in investment grade corporate fixed-income investment vehicles with maturities between one and five years. In general, these ETFs are suitable for conservative investors because they are less sensitive […]

Unsure How to Make Your Brand Relevant to Investors? Talk Up Blockchain and Profit

In a bid to reignite its pop culture relevance in the dawning crypto age, and to help make cryptocurrencies legit as a form of payment, electronics and video game entertainment company Atari recently announced it will launch its own brand of cryptocurrency. The news sent shares of Atari, essentially a penny stock priced in euros, surging well […]

End of Easy Fed Money Points Toward Potential for Inflation

Since 2008 the Federal Reserve has maintained an easy money fiscal policy that has been responsible, in part, for the steady rise of the stock market as well as fostering an environment of historically low interest rates. Recent yields on Treasury bonds, however, indicate that the era of quantitative easing may be over, resulting in […]

Are Bitcoin Gains a Loss for Gold Investors?

Some people in the investment world have romanticized the lucrative and volatile nature of Bitcoin, comparing it to the California gold rush. Now experts now see a direct correlation between gold and cryptocurrency — and that might not bode well for gold long term. RBC Capital Markets researchers have detected a relationship between Bitcoin prices […]

Get On the Stock Dividend Train Before It Pulls Away, Experts Advise

Investors looking to maximize total investment return in 2018 should plan on buying companies that not only pay significant current dividends but will increase the dividend amount paid out each successive year. “If you want to clobber the market in 2018 — and beyond — then buying companies with accelerating dividends is an absolute must,” […]

Billionaire Investor: Recession Ahead, Stock Picker’s Market Again

Ray Dalio, a billionaire hedge fund manager followed closely on Wall Street, has laid out his case for a recession in the next 12 to 24 months. His core reasoning is that the economy is entering the late stages of an expansion, increasing risk that the Federal Reserve may commit a policy error by hiking […]

Analysis: If Bitcoin Isn’t a Hedge Investment, Who Wants It?  

Is Bitcoin a hedge against stock market risk, like gold, as some early investors hoped? Or something entirely unrelated to investing, a new, extra-official currency, as its creators seemed to intend? The answer could affect investment decisions valued in hundreds of billion of dollars and directly affect Bitcoin’s future valuation. Part of the appeal of […]