This Metal Has Roared 70% In Value and Surpassed Even Gold

A European move away from polluting diesel has increased demand for catalytic converters, which use palladium. There are only a few palladium mines in the world, constricting supply. The global trend toward electric cars should reduce demand, but that could be years away. A rare metal, a vital component in the production of catalytic converters, […]

A Stock Market Crash Isn’t the End of the World. Here’s Why.

Is there a stock market crash ahead? There’s always that possibility, however slim. Yet market ups and downs, sometimes called “volatility,” is more normal than a lack of it. A significant decline or loss of statistical paper wealth is nothing to celebrate, yet it is no reason to panic, either. A stock market crash, slump, […]

Stock Market Tug-of-War Points to Bottom for Select Small-Cap Stocks

U.S. stock prices, as well as stocks of companies that trade on the world’s other major equity exchanges, were very volatile over the past several trading days, as a tug-of-war occurred between optimistic and pessimistic stock market participants. Although numerous so-called financial market “experts” who appeared on broadcast financial shows over the past few days […]