6 Powerful Investment Alternatives to the Stock Market

When it comes to investing, a surprisingly large number of people cannot think beyond stocks, bonds, mutual funds and precious metals. While these investments have yielded high returns over the years, they are also subject to the whims of the market. This is why alternative investments are becoming increasingly popular these days. Alternative investments are […]

Paid Not to Work: How Universal Basic Income Might Compensate for Coming Job Losses

The unemployment rate for the United States hovers around the 4% mark currently. But that number represents only the amount of people who are unemployed and also actively looking for work. Meanwhile, the workforce participation rate was 62% in 2015, meaning that almost 40% of Americans were unemployed but have completely given up on looking for new […]

Telecommuter Jobs Are the Workforce of the Future

Automation is slowly taking over jobs historically occupied by human beings. Meanwhile, more Americans are turning to telecommuter jobs for work opportunities. Telecommuting work has grown by almost 140% since 2005. The telecommuting workforce increased by almost 12% since last year. Although larger companies are more likely to offer telecommuting opportunities to employees, due to […]