Can the Millennials Spend America Into a Permanent Economic Expansion?

As the longest running economic expansion since the 1850s continues, many wonder how long the good times can last. Do economic factors support continued growth, or will the decade-long good times come to an end? Some believe that Federal Reserve monetary policy could paper over any risk of an immediate recession. Then, rising spending among […]

Another Danger Sign: Property Flippers Hire Uber and Lyft Drivers To Scout Properties

Big Wall Street operators such as Blackstone, KKR and Goldman Sachs are investing big into house-flipping. In fact, more than 40% of house flips are now initiated by companies. Part of the appeal is the money to be made from high-interest hard money loans. Interest rates can be as high as 12%, although as much as […]

Billionaire Howard Marks Warns Investors: ‘It’s Not Different This Time’

Billionaire Oaktree Capital Management Co-Chair Howard Marks is warning investors who think the rules have change are mistaken. In his latest memo, Marks expresses his worries that too many investors believe that this record bull market run can “only get better forever.” Marks warns that investors who subscribe to this train of thought are only […]

Would You Pay $4.6 Million to Dine With Warren Buffett? Someone Just Did

Warren Buffett, the iconic investor with a personal net worth of $84 billion, is a charitably social individual. For the last two decades, Buffett has entertained business lunches with strangers for the sake of worthy charities. The 20th annual “Power Lunch With Warren Buffett” just went to an anonymous bidder for $4,567,888. The charity lunch […]

Is A Severe Recession Inevitable? Here’s What Worries Washington

The U.S. Federal Reserve released recently its second report on vulnerabilities to the U.S. financial system, citing rising levels of risky corporate debt one of its top concerns. The report identified several risks that could lead to financial instability. While the current, slow expansion is nearing an all-time record, a number of touchy factors could […]

The World’s Richest Are So Rich It’s Getting Hard to Even Comprehend

Global levels of wealth inequality are higher than ever. Wealth has been concentrated among elite individuals and dynastic families by widely disproportionate levels for decades. Nevertheless, according to Gabriel Zucman, a University of California economics professor, socioeconomic data analyst, and expert on wealth inequality, the problem hasn’t been this bad for over a century. In […]

Warren Buffett’s Partner Says the Secret Is ‘Just Avoid Being Stupid’

Avoid meetings and read constantly, advises 95-year-old Charlie Munger If you avoid doing stupid things, it’s easy to make money investing, he says. Disciple of value investing godfather Benjamin Graham shares his best ideas. Columnist Jason Zweig of the Wall Street Journal recently interviewed investment legend Charlie Munger at his Los Angeles home. Munger, now […]

Things Are Bad in Your Country When Even the Billionaires Give Up and Leave

When waves of middle-class and poverty-stricken migrants leave a country, many assume that it’s for reasons related to security, unemployment, or political instability. However, a more reliable barometer of a country’s social and political health may be measured in the migrations of the wealthy. In 2018 alone, more than 108,000 millionaires and billionaires fled their native […]