10 Alternative Uses For Listerine

Listerine may be a common household item, but there are many ways to make use of the $6 bottle than freshening your breath. Although they may be a little out there, here are 10 alternative ways to put that blue-green liquid to good use, outside of a mouthwash.

1. Clean Your Toothbrush

Fill a clean cup with Listerine and leave your toothbrush soaking in the cup overnight. Bacteria spreads from your mouth to your toothbrush, so a little disinfecting is necessary. Listerine not only kills bacteria in your mouth but also on your brush. Remember to also change your toothbrush every 30 days.

2. Give Yourself A Pedicure

Mixed with warm water and a cup of vinegar, Listerine make a perfect solution dry/cracked feet. Soak your feet for 30 minutes then give yourself a nice pedicure. Listerine is also great for getting rid of toenail fungus.

3. Itchy Skin Relief

Listerine can be used as a great itch relief on bug bites and even poison ivy. Dab some on a cotton swab and gently apply on the itchy area.

4. Freshen Your Trash

We love that fresh smell of Listerine, so why not deodorize that smelly trash can with some? After #10, throw that Listerine filled paper towel in the trash and maybe pour a little more on a napkin. GOOD-BYE, bad odors!

5. Freshen Your Toilet

Pouring some Listerine in the toilet gives it that fresh clean smell and reduces any lingering odors. If this feels like a waste, instead of spitting the Listerine in the sink after a mouth rinse, spit it in a cup and dump it in the toilet. Killing bacteria in 2 places!

6. Clean Your Piercing

After a piercing is completely healed, Listerine works very well as a cleaner. Dab a Q-tip in the Listerine and gently clean your piercing. You’ll feel a nice cooling sensation, which means it’s working!

7. Use as a Deodorant

This may seem strange, but don’t worry we took the risk and tested this one for you! Using Listerine as a deodorant really does work! It is great for fighting odors. Dab some on a cotton swab and gently rub it on your armpits. If your ever in a pinch and run out of deodorant – give it a try!

8. Use as a Flea Shampoo

Surprisingly the fresh smell of Listerine is a turn-off for fleas! Using a spray bottle, fill half of the bottle with water and half with Listerine. Spray your pup with the entire bottle. Then bathe him/her as usual. Goodbye fleas!

9. Freshen Your Washing Machine

Like the toilet and the trash, why not freshen up your washing machine. Pour some Listerine in a cup. Pour it into the washing machine. Run a quick rinse with warm water and WAHLAA – A fresh smelling washing machine. Pro-tip: Next time you forget to take the wet clothes out – give this a try!

10. Clean Your Glass

Out of Windex? Fill a cup with water half way. Fill the other half with Listerine. Pour it on your glass table or spray on your windows and wipe off with a paper towel. Sparklingly, smudge-free glass!


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