#RoastMe: The 11 BEST Mark Zuckerberg Congressional Testimony Memes

As we all awaited Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before the House Energy & Commerce Committee, we expected some interesting headlines to arise.

No, not really. But the Internet saved the day by unloading on the young, tech-savvy billionaire with hundreds of Zuck memes.

The crowd on Capitol Hill is certainly grilling Zuckerberg over his company’s handling of user data and the company’s privacy settings.

We’ll let someone else dish on all that. For now, here are some of the best memes that arose during the testimony.

Here’s one Twitter user claiming that Zuckerberg looks like Data From Star Trek:

A Meme Based On Another Meme Altogether:

“Everything Is Okay” Meme:

One Twitter User Pokes Fun At Mark For Using A Seat Cushion:

Zuckerberg Robot Meme:

Zuckerberg Knows It All Meme:

Zuckerberg Face Meme:

One User Pokes Fun At The Congressman, Still A Quality Zuckerberg Meme:

When You Post A Funny Joke In The Chat:

Mark Zuckerberg Booster Seat Meme:

Zuckerberg Robot Meme:

As the congressional testimony rolls on, we can only expect to be getting more of these great memes. The Internet really is an amazing place.