3 Remote Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree  

If you have bankable talents, gifts, or work experiences, you may be able to make top dollar as a remote worker.

And all without a college degree.

Here are three to consider.

Online interpreter

If you can speak multiple languages then you can leverage your linguistic talents into a profitable online career. And if you only speak one language, you should consider learning another one or two.

An interpreter listens to audio or reads documents and then concisely interprets the original language into another. But language is subjective and fluid. Some words and terms don’t translate well or at all into other languages.

As a translator, you must learn to intuit or translate terms as closely as possible. You must also be adept at grammar in multiple languages to be able to read, write, and translate in multiple languages.

No degree is required, but you will need an impressive resume for good pay. The starting salary for translators is $54,000.

Virtual bookkeeping

A virtual bookkeeper does everything a real-world counterpart does. Bookkeepers chronicle and keep track of transactions, expenses, debts, payroll, taxes, invoices, and all of the financial records for a business. 

Your duties will depend on the needs of the client. Some bookkeepers are responsible for developing financial business strategies, reporting to owners and accounting offices, and paying payrolls or filing tax returns. 

Others may just keep meticulous financial records and keep them organized.

You don’t need an academic degree, but you will need previous accounting and bookkeeping experience. It also doesn’t hurt to attain bookkeeping certifications.

The starting salary for a bookkeeper is $42,700.

Social media manager

A social media manager is a consultant who manages the online brand exposure and social media platforms for their clients. Social media managers also interact with online users and consumers.

A social media manager tracks how social media responds to their client’s brand. They interact with people on social media to assess their interests and wants from a client and their product. 

Then they strategize what kinds of posts and social media messages their clients should promote online to optimize the brand.

You don’t need a degree, but you must prove the depths of your online influence. You should have a large online following, multiple social media accounts, and established proof that you can engage and influence social media users.

The average social media manager’s starting salary is almost $60,000.

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