3 Side Hustles that Can Earn Full-Time Pay

The only thing that can stop you from getting a side hustle in the 21st-century gig economy is a lack of imagination.

Here are three part-time side hustles out there that can pay as much as a full-time job.

Remote curriculum writer

A curriculum writer is an education professional who writes lesson plans and educational modules that will be used as the curriculum for an educational institution.

You should have a bachelor’s degree, some kind of teaching certification, and experience as an educator to reliably secure work as a curriculum writer.

The average part-time curriculum writer makes $34 per hour, or about $70,000. You can also make $24,000 as a part-time entry-level writer.


A bookkeeper is responsible for keeping track of all of the money flowing out and into a business. An accountant performs similar duties but also offers financial advice, makes projections about earnings and debt, and generate fiscal reports, among other tasks.

A bookkeeper is only responsible for providing the raw data pertaining to the financial activities and transactions of a business. They are not usually engaged in advice-giving or strategy coordination.

Bookkeepers perform activities such as:

  • Generate financial statements
  • Handle payroll
  • Facilitate accounts payable and receivable
  • Handle taxes and tax compliance rules
  • Data entry

It can help to have a degree and bookkeeper certifications, but it is not necessary. You do need a professional reputation and proven track record as a bookkeeper to secure work.

You can work as a bookkeeper part-time and remotely. The average bookkeeper makes $25 to $50 per hour.

Lawn care specialist

GreenPal is a lawn care service company that franchises its name out to anyone who wants to become a vendor. There are no franchise or signup fees of any kind to apply.

After creating a profile on Greenpal, local registered users can bid on your services to have their lawns mown and maintained. You can also hustle harder, promote yourself locally, and build your own clientele.

GreenPal claims that most of its vendors primarily work part-time but can take on as much work as they secure. GreenPal vendor rates usually start at $55 per hour. But those rates can double depending on local demand.

Greenpal takes a 5% commission fee from every vendor payment.