4 Household Items You Can Always Sell For Fast Cash

It is always good to have a side hustle. And if there is one skill you should perfect to keep a few dollars in your pocket, it’s the side hustle of selling off secondhand goods.

If you want to sell secondhand goods, research the market you sell to. The items you sell should be aesthetically presentable and in perfect working condition.

You may want to post ads featuring photos or videos of the items for sale. And you will need to learn how to price items based on researching online prices for similar items.

Here are four common household item that can be sold secondhand for some quick cash.


There is always a marketplace for bargain finders and fashionistas who enjoy buying premium secondhand shoes, clothing, and accessories.

Take photos of clothing in great lighting that highlights the aesthetics and style. Potential buyers want to see themselves in clothing before they buy it.


Any pawn shop broker will tell you that the top electronic products they sell are usually laptop computers.

Make sure that any laptop electronics you sell are aesthetically presentable and in perfect working condition. Also take to delete any sensitive, embarrassing, or compromising data that may be stored on the laptop before selling it.

Additionally, you may want to arrange to meet potential buyers in public places to test a laptop instead of at your home.

Pet supplies

The pet food, pharmacy, medical, toy, and supply industries are big businesses. People love their animals and love spending money on them, even if on secondhand supplies.

Loving pet parents are willing to pay good money for secondhand toys, clothes, leashes, and other supplies for their pets.

However, the used pet supplies you sell should be aesthetically presentable, mildly to sometimes used, and usable. No one is going to buy a chewed-up and discolored dog toy for top dollar.

Video games and consoles

Even though most modern video game players play video games online, there is a big market of buyers looking for secondhand modern and vintage video games and accompanying consoles.

If you have a bunch of old or newer model video games and consoles in your attic or basement, dig them out. Just make sure that they are in good working condition.