4 Reasons to Reconsider Retiring to Florida

So, when one thinks of a place to live out retirement, what state comes to mind?


The state of Florida is the common answer to living out retirement if popular culture, or real-life surveyed preferences, are to be believed.

In fact, most people choose Florida as their preferred place to retire out of all other states, and that is not a new thing.

Florida is synonymous with retirement living. But should it be?

Here are four reasons why you should reconsider retiring to Florida.

Florida is already full of retirees

The goal of retirement is to retire on your own terms. So, why retire to a place because it is just expected you will retire there?

The problem is that Florida is teeming with retirees. Retirement living is an industry unto itself relative to other states.

According to some statistics, a fourth of Florida’s population are retirees.

Retirement should not feel like a factory line operation. Choose your retirement state based on your cost-of-living needs, not to follow the crowd.

Wild animals, bugs and rodents

Although Florida is not usually categorized as such, the state is located in a tropical environment.

Along with enjoying palm trees, sunny beaches, and warm weather, you will have to deal with the myriad of notorious wildlife and rodents that live in the state.

Your home, garage, vehicle, pool, trees, or favorite golf course can become invaded by animals or critters, including:

  • Alligators
  • Pythons
  • Wild monkeys
  • Iguanas
  • Rats
  • More mosquitoes than you can possible imagine

You may end up paying hundreds on pest and animal control services annually.

Owning a pool is a financial and nuisance hazard

If there is any state where you are more likely to have a backyard pool, it’s in Florida.

However, having a pool can be more headache than it’s worth. You are going to spend hundreds or thousands annually on maintenance.

Pools are also magnets for restless neighborhood kids and even strangers. You could become legally liable for someone who gets hurt or dies in your pool, even if you are not home

Also, taking care of a pool may become more than you can handle as you get older.

Skin damage

Florida is a tropical state prone to hurricane landfalls and even snow from time to time, but it is notorious for being sweltering hot.

Along with dealing with constant perspiration, you may also have to contend with skin damage.

Skin exposed to consistent sunlight becomes weathered and leathery, wrinkly, and prone to skin discoloration as well as skin cancer.