4 Unconventional But Cheap Housing Options to Consider

Prices for everything have skyrocketed, especially housing. While trying to live an independent lifestyle, a major hindrance you are sure to face is expensive housing costs.

Living in big, traditional houses is no longer feasible for many as they become increasingly difficult to maintain. Focusing on cheap housing options can reduce these costs drastically.

Here are four unconventional but cheap options for you to consider:

Living in a trailer or RV

While being a very cheap alternative, an RV home is also something that may be perfect for travelers or adventurers. It gives you an option to live on the go.

It does not matter where you want to travel in the country; you can always take your home with you.

Although it may not look like it, RV homes can be extremely comfortable and can also be renovated to your liking at a far cheaper price than traditional houses.

They can be equipped with all essentials such as a kitchen as well as a bathroom, and you can even install any required electronics like televisions in them.

Shipping container houses

When you think of shipping containers, you might think they are large metal boxes that would be impossible for a person to live in comfortably. However, once you decide to turn them into a home, the results can be very stunning.

Approximately 800,000 shipping containers are used and then just left at shipping ports every year in the United States. This means that they are very easy and cheap to get your hands on.

Instead of just having one container, you can join multiple containers to make your home even more spacious.

You can customize these homes in many ways, like adding a porch and sitting area or even having a garden on top of the containers. If done properly, this can be a very cheap and comfortable option.

Move into an shed

Buying a prefabricated shed is another insightful and cheap housing option to keep in mind. You can often get these for as cheap as $10,000.

Many come equipped with a porch, windows, and beautiful wall d├ęcor.

Prefab sheds can also be modified to your liking. Although they might not be very spacious, they provide more than enough space for a single person to live comfortably in.

Renting a guest house

Renting a guest house is a lot cheaper than renting an apartment and often provides you with much better living conditions. The owners typically maintain their guest houses well.

If you are living alone, guesthouses can provide you with all the comforts you need, including a spacious bedroom, a bathroom, and a well-equipped mini kitchen.

Many property owners like to rent out their guest houses in order to help with the expenses and maintenance costs of their property.

Guest houses often are located on beautiful locations in properties next to pools or gardens, providing a stellar place to live.