4 Websites That Will Buy Your Used Clothes for Cash

Did you that there was such a thing as an authenticated luxury consignment market for the transaction in lightly used luxury clothes?

And don’t confuse the authentic luxury consignment goods market with the traditional consignment market, or the thrift store industry, as it is better known as.

In the traditional thrift store market, you buy well-worn and old clothes in an “as is” condition. And if you sell clothes to a thrift store, you don’t expect to make a financial killing.

The authenticated luxury consignment goods market is very prosperous for buyers and sellers alike. If you have lightly worn or unused luxury clothes for sale, you can send photos or video documentation of their authenticity.

Some luxury thrift stores will even send their representatives to your house to personally assess the condition of your clothes for sale if you live near a local office.

Depending on the luxury thrift store that you sell your clothes to, you could make hundreds or thousands in commissions.

However, you need to have a lot of lightly worn or unused luxury clothes for sale to make much money. You could potentially find regular caches of luxury clothes at local and regional estate sales.

Research the dates and approach estate sales organizers after the fact. With some strategic and persuasive tactics, you may even be able to get some wardrobes for free if the sale was unsuccessful.

Here are four luxury thrift stores where you can sell your old clothes online.

The RealReal

Do you have a stash of lightly worn or unused luxury clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories with brand names like Chanel, Hermès, and Burberry? Then you can sell your goods to The RealReal.

Commissions at The RealReal are all based on a sliding scale. If you sell $1,500 worth of goods, then you get a 55% commission.

But if you sell $10,000 worth of goods in 12 months, then you get a 70% commission.


Queenly specializes in the transactions of lightly worn formal gowns and dresses for women of all sizes.

These would include but are not limited to cocktail, prom, glam, bridesmaid, pageant, and evening dresses.

You keep an 80% commission on everything you sell at Queenly.


Worthy is a jewelry auction site that helps you get the most for high-end and luxury watches and jewelry.

Sell $18,000 worth of goods, and keep 82% commission. But if you sell $30,001 or more worth of goods, then you get a 90% commission.


ThredUp is a more traditional online consignment store. And that means you don’t necessarily need to have luxury-grade clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, or accessories to sell.

Unfortunately, it also means that your commissions will be less because there isn’t a demand relative to a luxury consignment good store.

ThredUp takes anywhere between 20% to 95% in commissions depending on the quality and brand names of your goods.