5 Jobs Where Employers Usually Hire Senior Citizens

Even though we live in a world where forced retirement and ageism are a reality, it doesn’t mean that middle-aged and elderly people have no employment options.

There are plenty of jobs that employers explicitly set aside or target older workers for hire.

Here are five of those jobs.

Platonic activity companions

In the 21st century, there is a booming industry for platonic companions to give company to elderly, disabled, socially awkward, and lonely people.

As an activity companion, you may be tasked with playing board games with people in an assisted living facility. Or you may go to a live event to keep someone company. And you may even be able to do a lot of your work online and keep people company via video links.

The starting pay for most activity companions is about $13 per hour.

Customer service representatives

As the business steadily moves towards e-commerce, many accompanying positions are also becoming telecommuting positions.

Customer service representative positions are increasingly becoming telecommuting positions. And these positions are perfect for people with years or decades of experience helping consumers answer repetitive and tedious questions with professional etiquette and respect.

Most entry-level customer service jobs pay anywhere between $28,000 to $45,000.

Mortgage underwriter

A mortgage underwriter professionally verifies the salary, debt, assets, investments, and overall finances of a mortgage application for a mortgage lender to review before making a final decision.

Mortgage underwriters must be exacting in detail, meticulous, and carry out background checks with the curious patience of a bureaucrat.

If you have all of the requisite skills, certifications, and experience as an underwriter, many companies may let you work at home at your own pace.

The average underwriter makes $32,000 to $86,000.

Office Temp

The role of the temporary office worker is evolving in the hybrid workplace of the 21st century.

Many employers are comfortable with hiring office temps to handle data entry and other tasks that can be performed at home.

The average office temp makes $14 per hour, but you could make more depending on your experience.

Retail store clerk or greeter

Many grocery and retail stores keep job positions like store greeter or clerk open for older employees.

Modern stores now have self-help kiosks, so you may mostly answer questions or help them with transactions. These positions are plentiful during holidays and sales seasons too.

The average salary for these jobs is $12 per hour depending on the employer.