5 Key Money-Saving Travel Tips

Almost every traveler’s dream is jetting off to a famous international destination or the world’s most beautiful islands.

The reality is that travel costs money. For most travelers, this is not a limitless resource.

Here are 5 money-saving travel tips.

Budget first

While many of us out there won’t have the tens of thousands of dollars to have a lavish getaway, there are ways to start planning and find ways to finance your vacation.

Aim for a comfortable middle between what you think you can spend versus what you can realistically spend, usually around one week of your salary or at most one pay period.

This is just a rough idea and everyone, of course, is going to have their preferences regarding where they want to go, stay, how much to spend and what kind of dream vacation they are after.

Besides putting money away from each paycheck, think of ways to eliminate potential waste that can add to your dream vacation budget instead of eating into it.

For example, stop eating fast food, stop the coffee shop visits, look for better deals at the grocery store, skip a night or weekend out with friends and instead invite them over for a BBQ or Netflix.

Go at the right time

The last thing you want to do is visit South Florida during prime hurricane season or hit the ski slopes in Colorado when the snow is melted, and the resorts are closing.

If there’s something you want to see, such as the tulips in Holland, go when they are in bloom. Take the time and research, research, research.

Write down your top three destinations. Try to avoid prime locations and peak times, as this can hike up costs. You will find when talking with family and friends that no two travel wish lists are alike, and your dream trip might be quite different than theirs.

Join airline and hotel reward programs

Take advantage of airline or hotel rewards programs or credit cards associated with them to earn miles.

Hotel chains like Marriott, Hilton, and Holiday Inn, as well as airlines like Southwest, Delta, and American are popular choices.

If you’re a loyal and long-term member you can earn miles and status in a short period of time.

Look at non-hotel options

If you are visiting an area for a long period, check out Airbnb and VRBO. There are many non-hotel options, such as a condo or home within the community near attractions or even right on the beach.

Choose an all-inclusive vacation

Whether on land or at sea, all-inclusive vacations can be the least expensive and most fun kind of vacation for families.

All-inclusive cruises fit your travel, lodgings, and meals into one overall price, which may seem expensive on the face of it.

When you total up the cost of lodgings, meals, and all the little activities to which you have access onboard a cruise ship or at a resort, though, you’ll find that you save a lot by paying for everything at once.

With these tips, you can save money on travel so you can spend that money where you need it, whether it’s on this trip or the next.