5 Part-Time Jobs That Actually Pay Well

You have many choices when determining which part-time job is right for you. Based on information gathered from Indeed.com, a job posting site, here are five part-time jobs that actually pay well.


Average salary: $22.50 per hour

Job duties: Freelancers are individuals who sell a specific talent, skill, or product by setting their own prices and working hours. There are freelance designers, photographers, writers, consultants, and more.

Requirements for these roles depend on your skill and am often required to show past work examples. Once hired, it’s the quality of work that you develop that provides ongoing opportunities.


Average salary: $24.40 per hour

Job duties: Assisting students with homework, projects, test preparation, papers, research, and other academic tasks. set improvement goals. Working with students to help them understand key concepts, especially those learned in the classroom.

Teaching skills to improve academic performance, including study strategies, note-taking skills, and approaches to answering test questions. Communicating with parents/guardians about trouble areas or any other issue that requires attention.

Requirements: College graduate with an emphasis on a particular course topic. Reliable form of transportation, ability to pass a background check, and drug screening.

Personal shopper

Average salary: $21.62 per hour

Job duties: Developing a loyal customer base of customers. Helping customers make the best possible purchases by providing advice, guidance, and excellent customer service while shopping for items they need.

Supporting customers with placing orders and making payments via the phone, online, or in person. Responding promptly and effectively to customers’ complaints and requests.

The only requirement is that you have good communication skills, are trustworthy, and have a reliable form of transportation.

Bank teller

Average salary: $20 per hour

Job duties: Greet customers and assist with processing their deposits, withdrawals, and other banking transactions. Recommending and explaining banking services and products to clients based on their needs.

Manage client bank accounts, including opening and closing accounts, and overseeing transactions. Present and sell banking services and products to existing and prospective clients. Do a good job and there is usually plenty of career advancement within the banking industry.

Requirements: Basic math skills, great personality along with communication skills, and able to complete the bank training program.

Real Estate Agent

Average salary: $82,646 per year

Job duties: Mostly working weekends or evenings. Network and prospect to find potential clients. Travel to properties with clients to show homes and help them compare properties based on their needs.

Guide clients through the process of staging and preparing their homes for sale. Negotiate contracts so the terms are as favorable as possible for the client.

Requirements: All that is required is that you have a valid real estate license. Many states require either a high school diploma or GED before enrolling in a real estate pre-licensing course.

Please note, you might have many showings with different people, investing hours into the job as well as spending gasoline and wear and tear on your car. However, if you’re lucky you might be able to close a few deals making it all pay off!