5 Surprising Countries Where You Can Retire with Less Than $100,000

When retirement is inching closer, you might wonder about the kind of lifestyle you can lead and the level of financial security you will have if you just have about $100,000 as your total retirement savings.

Well, if you are an adventurer at heart, you could explore a few interesting international destinations where you can comfortably retire with less than $100,000.

We have chosen five good countries where you can expect to enjoy the same quality of life you may have in the U.S. post-retirement but at much lower cost.

It is best to first explore the country of your choice by going there on vacation. It will give you a feel of the place.

Avoid staying in a high-end hotel room and instead look for accommodation that presents you the opportunity to interact with the locals, eat where the locals eat, and shop at local grocery stores.

Who knows, you might find the retirement destination of your dreams.


Egypt isn’t just renowned for its awe-inspiring pyramids. It also offers you an opportunity to have a comfortable life after your retirement.

From housing to food, everything is reasonably priced in Egypt. You can get a one-bedroom apartment for just $240 a month in Cairo, while all essential utilities are going to cost around $34, as reported by Numbeo.

According to the figures published by Expatistan, the average cost of living for one person is about $750 a month (or $9,000 annually). Egypt is one of the few nations where Social Security is exempt from taxes.


Peru is home to some of the world’s most eclectic archeological marvels, such as Machu Picchu. The good news is that Peru is also rated to be one of the least expensive nations in South America, which offers a generally peaceful and stable life.

Numbeo’s latest report says you could have a healthy and delicious meal for two for around $12 in Arequipa. You can get a spacious, fully furnished home on rent in the posh areas of Trujillo or Arequipa for less than $24,000 a year.


Morocco is one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations, known for its ancient architecture, charismatic Sahara Desert landscapes, and delicious cuisine.

This North African country has emerged as a popular choice among U.S. retirees who are operating on a tight budget. In Casablanca, the biggest city in Morocco, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for $450 per month, according to data from Numbeo.

The housing costs and living expenses are going to be even lower in less populated cities, such Rabat.


Thanks to its green jungles, exquisite beaches and snow-capped mountains, Colombia now ranks among the leading retirement destinations for U.S. citizens who are looking an affordable cost of living.

The low cost of housing in Colombia is a compelling attraction. For just $2,000 a month you can rent a luxury apartment and retire near the majestic Andes Mountains. A sumptuous meal for two at a fine dining restaurant won’t cost more than $20.

Utilities in Medellin, the country’s second-largest city, might cost you only about $55 a month.


Portugal’s sandy beaches, healthy seafood, and medieval castles have drawn a significant number of U.S. expats to retire here. Portugal ranks third on the list of the safest countries in the world, rated by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

You will need just $26,500 per year on average for a couple living in the suburbs of Lisbon or Porto.

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