5 Tips for Buying an RV in Retirement

For a true recreational vehicle (RV) enthusiast “everywhere” is their list of destinations. Buying or renting an RV is a popular pastime for many Americans.

More than 40 million Americans go on road trips and camp in an RV every year. The typical age of an RV owner is 48.

The average cost of a new RV is about $35,000. But you can pay anything between $6,000 for a used one to $500,000 for a luxury RV.

Here is what you need to know about buying an RV in retirement.

Shop around

When you go to an RV dealership or floor exhibition show, you may be presented with “showroom prices” to entice you to buy. However, even if you buy the RV you want at the price you want you may be hit with hidden costs or fall victim to deceptive sales practices.

Compare prices with other RV dealers in your area or even in another state. RV Miles is a site with an updated schedule for the biggest RV flow shows in the United States and Canada

Never pay sticker

RVs, like any other vehicle, are always sold with inflated sticker prices. The sticker price represents the invoice price the dealer paid for it and profit margin expectations. The typical RV might be overpriced by as much as 25%.

Research invoice prices for RV, don’t be swayed by pitches for unnecessary features and options, and stand your ground. Be prepared to walk away. Find a price based on factual research and stick to it.

Buy at month’s end

Most RV dealers work on commission and have a quota to meet every month. By an RV at the end of the month and you may have more leverage to buy the model you want at the price you want.

If you go to an RV show, try to go in the last few days when dealers may be desperate to make sales.

Floor plan trumps brand

Look up RV floor plans online relative to preferred brands. And then check out the floor plans of other RV brands. You will live in it for multiple weeks or months every year so comfort should be your transaction priority, not brand names.

Document an RV purchase walkthrough

After purchasing an RV, the seller customarily walk through and explain all of the features inside the RV. Record the walkthrough with your smart device for your own records and for legal protection.