6 Travel Tips That Will Save You Money This Summer

The cost of travel can be high, but there are many ways to reduce it.

In addition to the high gas prices during your road trip, there is an increase in travel demand which is causing hotel rates to rise and airline fares to increase as well.

Using these tips for saving money on travel, however, it does not have to be as costly as you might think.

Here are six proven ways to lower your cost of travel and enjoy your trip more.

Pack light

There are several benefits to packing light in addition to avoiding checked baggage fees.

For starters, packing light makes it easier for you to move around the city. When you travel with a light suitcase or backpack, you are more agile and able to navigate public transportation rather than feeling like you need to hire a taxi for every trip.


Before traveling, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to save money is to start cooking all your meals at home.

That means portable breakfast and a packed lunch and dinner. Restaurants on the road are always way more expensive than you think. A low-cost meal out with friends generally runs me between $15 and $20, plus tip.

You can solve this problem easily by going to the grocery store, picking up a cookbook, and preparing your own meals. Not only will it help save your cash, but it is much healthier.

Pack snacks

Visit a local market and look for protein-rich items such as jerky and protein bars. These items can leave you feeling full and will not take up much space in your luggage.

Pack a few bottles of water from home in your backpack when you are on the go, as bottled water can also prove to be an expensive expense.

Book hotel rooms with points

The good news about bonus points is that it’s almost always a better idea to spend them rather than save them when booking a hotel room.

When you book on points versus cash you’ll avoid having to dip into your cash savings in order to pay for the hotel stay.

Also, being a points member may help you avoid resort fees, those extra charges hotels charge for additional amenities such as pools and WiFi.

Traveling during off-peak times

This can radically reduce your travel expenses. In the past, I have been fortunate enough to stay in beautiful hotel rooms for 70% to 80% less than what their regular price would be, simply because it was just out of season.

Of course, there may be a variation according to the location, but all in all, traveling during spring or fall is a great time to travel.

Travel insurance

If you want to avoid any surprises and costly hospital visits when traveling, then you need to purchase travel health insurance.

Unfortunately, I was resistant to purchasing travel insurance prior to my first overseas trip.

However, if you want some peace of mind, then you need to purchase a policy. It could save you thousands.