8 Unconventional and Fun Ways to Make Extra Money

The number one formula for making money is that there is no formula.

In fact, if you are willing to move away from the traditional path to earn money you will have much lesser competition and the payouts can be more attractive.

Here are a few unconventional ways to make good money in your spare time.

Online content reviewer

Large search, content and social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and others hire people on contract simply to review and identify questionable content, such as racist, violent, or crime related comments, posts, blogs, and videos. If you have the stomach for it, you can get paid for these types of jobs.

Website and app tester

Many companies are willing to pay money to have their websites tested for neutral and objective feedback about their websites and mobile apps. UserTesting.com, TryMyUI.com, UserFeel.com and TestingTime.com are some of the websites where you can receive regular work as website and app tester.

Professional video gamer

If you love playing video games you can turn it into a professional opportunity to make a significant amount of money. Many gaming enthusiasts are earning thousands of dollars in prize money by playing video games at a competitive level. You may also use apps such as appKarma.io, which pay you for playing games, watching videos, and submitting feedback.

Laughter therapist

Laughter therapy is rapidly gaining in popularity as a simple and healthy way to provide relief from everyday stress. If you have the natural ability to make people laugh, or enjoy doing comedy, you could offer your services as a laughter therapist. Check state regulations to see if you need to obtain a license.

Doggie daycare services

Do you love dogs but are not able to provide pet-sitting services at other’s homes because of your work-from-home job or business? You could provide drop-off doggie daycare services. Yes, there is a growing demand for these services from pet owners who want to leave their pet at a safe place while they are away at work.

Renting to backyard campers

Are you living in a rural or leafy area that has an idle patch of land or an expansive back garden? You could rent it out to campers who are always looking for interesting and inexpensive options. Simply list your lawn for camping with Airbnb and invite holidaymakers to have a memorable camping experience at an affordable rate.

Product tester

Consumer brand marketers like to do extensive testing of new products with focus groups to obtain actual user feedback before going ahead with a final product launch. You can connect with leading consumer market research companies that will be happy to pay you cash as a product tester. In the process, you will also get to enjoy new and innovative products and food items before they enter the market.

Paid music reviewer

Do you consider yourself as a music buff that often impresses friends and family with an in-depth knowledge of music? Thousands of unsigned music bands are looking out for you to listen to their latest tracks and provide authentic reviews. Also, check out apps such as Slicethepie on Google Play Store that will pay you for your insights and opinion.

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