5 Things Around the House You Can Sell for Quick Cash

With the pandemic at hand, many have lost their jobs or have been temporarily unable to go back to work, leaving a lot of uncertainty and empty wallets.

In these times, it is best to be able to find ways to get cash quickly for upcoming bills and other expenditures. Here are five items around your home that you likely can sell for quick cash.


Gently used electronics can be a very lucrative. Laptops, phones, iPads — anything with a screen can usually amount to some quick cash for your wallet.

There are kiosks that take phones, pawn shops, and even an Amazon trade-in. Newer stuff you can sell on Swappa.com or eBay. Just enter the product information for items you want to get rid of, and make sure you clear your personal information from your devices first.


Young couples and families are always looking for worthwhile items on the cheap to fill their homes with. Selling your furniture can go a long way to getting cash in the bank.

Buy and sell groups on Facebook and Craigslist are they way to go to eliminate some of these items. If you’re feeling charity and just need space, put it on the “free stuff” page instead or call a local charity such as Habitat Restore for a pickup.


Jewelry is always in fashion when it comes to selling. Gold, pearls, diamonds and other precious jewels will always sell well for high prices. Many local shops in your area will probably be willing to become your buyer. Pawn shops are also a possibility, but you may need to be wary of pawn brokers since they are likely to offer to buy items for much less then they are worth.

Thankfully though, there are online options that you can use to sell your precious items. eBay, Etsy and Bonanza are great places to sell jewelry on the fly. Even cheap stuff can be sold for the right price. A unique piece of jewelry may just tickle the right buyer’s interests, even if it may hold no heavy monetary value.


Clean, newer clothes are another great asset for quick selling. Anything from old pants to unused baby clothes can be be bought and sold on the fly. Local buying and selling on Facebook is an easy ways to declutter and bring in a little extra money.

Try local consignment shops as well, especially if you have the styles they seek for niche buyers, such as fashion-hungry teens.

Knick-knacks and junk

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or say they say. Old toys, DVDs, VHS tapes, books and the like can all easily be sold online.  Try Amazon, Mercari, and decluttr.

Do a little research to find out what each individual item sells for. You’ll be surprised at which items still hold value. Legos, for instance.

Last minute tips

Anything that you aren’t able to sell online or that may be too low in worth to sell online gather together and do a garage sale. While it could take a little work and planning, it may be worth it to get rid of all the excess items and bring in a little money.

Just be sure to follow up on local regulations when selling, and make sure you are following local mandates and guidelines when it comes to social distancing.

Last and most important tip: Remember to be safe when meeting potential buyers in person! Always meet in a public place and consider bringing an extra person with you just so you aren’t alone. Safe selling, and good luck!