Experts: Smart Retirement Investors Use Cryptocurrency to Season, Not Stuff, Their Portfolios

Big bets on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are too risky for retirement investors, but a little digital money can hedge against declines in the values of other nest-egg assets. Bitcoin is the most widely held cryptocurrency, but its volatile value makes bitcoin unsuitable as a long-term investment, according to David Twibell, president of Custom Portfolio […]

Runaway Tech Wealth Driving Small Investors Away from Stock Market: Study

Technological changes over the last two decades have transformed the way people live and work. They’ve also impacted the way people perceive investment risk, according to new research. A recently published research paper that shows a connection between technological disruption and the substantive changes that have taken place in investor behavior. Researchers Stavros Panageas at UCLA […]

Four in 10 Americans Will Retire Flat Broke. Are You One of Them?

Almost 42% of all Americans run the risk of retiring completely broke, according to a new study. GoBankingRates conducted an online poll via Google Consumer Surveys that asked average Americans about the state of their savings and current retirement plans. The poll surveyed Millennials, the middle aged and senior citizens. One question was, “By your best […]

Passive Investing Reigns, but Active Often Means Better Returns

Equity investors increasingly invest in funds with passive strategies. Instead of using an active strategy of picking certain stocks, passive funds park money in assets with returns based on stock indexes reflecting the whole market, the good, the bad and everything in between. But active strategies can outperform passive ones, not only in stock trades […]

Analysis: Consumer Staples Stocks are Not Safe

Typically, consumer staples stocks are seen as a defensive sector, something to own when stocks are challenged. Companies in this sector tend to have boring business models, selling things like cleaning supplies, soap, or toothpaste. Basically, stuff where there will be demand regardless of economic conditions. Since the bull market began in 2009, these stocks have […]

‘Alexa, How’s My Retirement Portfolio Doing Today?’

Retail giant Amazon might be gearing up to provide wealth management services, according to industry observers. And that could drive down investing costs to nothing at all. It makes sense. Financial advice has become increasingly commoditized in order to reach out to even the smallest of investors. Now the company that pioneered online retail is […]

CD Rates Pop Higher with Fed Rate Hike. What to do Now to Capture a Better Return On Savings

The Federal Reserve move to increase the benchmark interest rate should lead to higher rates for savers who like to invest in federally insurance certificates of deposit (CDs), a popular retirement income vehicle. After years of basement-level returns, some CD yields are nearing 3%. Does this mean it is time to divert some cash into CDs? […]