Target-Date Funds and Retirement: A Healthy Match?

Target-date funds (TDFs) provide an investment mix whose objectives vary over time. TDFs are marketed as a way to ensure risk is allocated appropriately. Risk-tolerance should be carefully reexamined against any fund’s investment objectives. Introduced in the late 1990s, target-date funds (TDFs) were developed to provide those investors planning for retirement an easy way to […]

Debt Collectors May Soon Be Able to Text and Email You Nonstop

Got a cellphone? Get read for a flood of bill collector texts. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is proposing changes to the 1977 Fair Debt Collection Practices Act The changes will allow debt collectors nearly unlimited ability to contact debtors via digital communication. The Act previously prevented debt collectors from calling and harassing people […]

Don’t Have $25 Million? Then You’re Just Another Peasant

According to recent studies, the rate of income inequality between the poor and rich in the United States hasn’t been this stark since the Great Depression. It’s all relative, of course. According to the elite private bankers you’re not really, really rich unless you have at least $25 million in the bank. Private bankers and […]

Warren Buffett: Instead of Boosting Pay, Just Send Tax Money to America’s Poorest

Voicing concern over America’s widening income inequality gap, multi-billionaire investor Warren Buffett thinks he may have a solution — give poor people money via the tax system. Buffett believes that expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit system (EITC) will mean more money in the hands of hard-working but less-skilled Americans. A “refundable” tax credit, the […]

Wall Street Billionaire Demands Sharp Increase in the Minimum Wage

The founder, chairman, and CEO of Blackstone, Stephen Schwarzman, is advocating for immediate legislative action to improve the lives of struggling Americans, including a substantial increase in the minimum wage. Schwarzman is pushing for what he calls “Marshall Plan for the Middle Class,” named for the American-led fund that rebuilt Europe from rubble after World […]