Anonymous Source Suggests Amazon Gunning to Sell Homeowner’s Insurance

Amazon, already a giant in online retail, may be secretly brainstorming how to offer home insurance to its millions of regular customers. The unconfirmed report caused a momentary dip in the stocks of several insurance companies. The news, yet to be confirmed by the company, was reported by technology business news website The Information by […]

Millennials Believe They Will Earn Millions and Retire By 56

Millennials have a rosy outlook concerning retirement financial solvency that doesn’t square with reality. Most Millennials, the age demographic of young people between the ages of 21 to 37, expect to retire by the age of 56. A large percentage of Millennials also expect to become millionaires something within their lifetimes. Investment brokerage company T.D. […]

Young Americans Set to Inherit $30 Trillion. That Affects Their Whole Retirement Mindset

Over 63% of affluent young adults between the ages of 18 and 22, the so-called Generation Z demographic, are counting on familial inheritances to pay for their retirement years. This is according to a recent Merrill Edge Spring Report compiling data on the subject. Considering that the children of affluence have more access to resources […]

Analysis: Once Stagnant, Microsoft Performing Like a Growth Stock Again

Those who purchased stock in Microsoft in the early days, when Bill Gates was introducing the personal computer operating system that would eventually dominate the market, saw the price of the stock rise astronomically from 37 cents in 1987 to $45 in 2000. After 2000, Microsoft stock followed a normal path for companies that have […]