9 Step Plan to Virus-Proof Your Money Life

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only created health challenges but also serious economic disruption and job losses. The lack of adequate actionable scientific information and the element of surprise has people, companies and the government reeling. Once normal existence has become intensely difficult for people in all walks of life. In the wake of the […]

Joe Biden’s Plan for Social Security: No Poverty for Low-Income Elderly, Tax Breaks for Workers

Congress recently passed the SECURE Act, which made substantial changes to many of the existing regulations governing qualified retirement savings plans. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has offered several proposals to change the manner in which current worker retirement plans, including Social Security, are structured. Specifically, the Biden plan would implement changes to the […]

How to Put Your Investments On Autopilot — and Win

Are you committed to investing a part of your monthly income towards retirement? You can insulate your financial future against unforeseen emergencies and economic risks if you use an automatic investment plan (AIP) to ensure consistency in your retirement contributions. An AIP is like putting your investments on auto-pilot.  Automatic investment plans are investment programs […]

How Shark Tank Judge Barbara Corcoran Nearly Lost $400,000 — Just by Reading an Email

According to a 2017 FBI Internet Crime Report, individuals and companies lost over $5.5 billion between 2013 through 2017 due to email phishing scams. Email phishing scams are deceptive emails designed to trick people into revealing private financial information or sending money. These scams are so successful for scam artists because they depend on victims […]

The Costliest Box-Office Flops of 2020 — So Far

The Razzies are the tongue-in-cheek counterpart to the Academy Awards. As the Oscars rewards creative achievements in filmmaking, the Razzies honors underachieving and badly acted films. It turns out that 2020 might be a big year for the next Razzie nominations. That’s because even renowned Hollywood superstars like Robert Downey Jr., Harrison Ford, and Blake […]