7 Cities Where the Average Monthly Rent is $600 or Less

Even though home ownership is considered the American dream, many young Americans can’t afford it. More than 78% of homeowners are 65 years old or older. Less than 36% of homeowners are under 35 years old. Yet apartment renting isn’t always the cheaper option either. San Francisco features the highest average national rent prices. A studio […]

Iconic Brands Born American But Now Owned by Foreigners

American consumers have a patriotic mindset that supersedes even bargain hunting. About 8 out of 10 Americans prefer buying American made products over imports. More than 60% of Americans would pay 10% more for American brands. What’s more American than Good Humor? Harry Burt conceptualized the chocolate-coated ice cream bar on a stick in 1920, […]

Would You Reserve a $400 Meal at an Undersea Restaurant?

Americans spend $3,000 annually on take-out and in restaurants and usually on unimaginative, rote dining options. If you could eat out extravagantly and fantastically once this year, would you? How about a $430, locally sourced gourmet seafood meal? A meal that you can eat in the largest submerged restaurant in Norway? “Under” is the premier underwater restaurant […]

Renewable Power is Cheaper, but Massive Power Bill Spikes Will Happen Anyway

Most electricity today is provided by burning oil and coal. Yet the world is preparing for the eventual phasing out of fossil fuels and the gradual implementation of eco-friendly renewable energy. Climate activist Greta Thunberg’s resounding UN speech could hasten the day when politicians must act. However, during the gap between the decline of fossil […]

He Called the Housing Crash. Now He Says Your Index Fund Is Doomed.

Michael Burry was one of the first investors to spot the subprime mortgage crisis and profit from it. According to Bloomberg news, he sees a similar bubble brewing in passive investing.  Passive investments are those that include index funds and other exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Burry believes that they’re inflating stock and bond prices in the […]

Warren Buffett: ‘I Blew It’ by Not Investing More In This Tech Stock

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has steadily been buying up more shares of Amazon. Berkshire recently increased its stake in the e-commerce tech giant by 11%, the company revealed in a recent government filing.  As of the second quarter, Berkshire’s holdings of Amazon were worth $947 million. Buffet originally announced his first Amazon investment in May. […]

5 Crucial Money Decisions If You Are Forced to Retire Early

Forced retirement is a problem many folks are grappling with these days. Around 37% of retirees in the country leave work earlier than they had expected, typically due to health problems, layoffs, shutdowns and cutbacks. Many forced to retire early struggle with their day-to-day expenses as a result of losing their only source of income. […]