What are Diamonds Really Worth? Zero, Zilch, Nada

Rough, unprocessed diamonds could be mistaken for pebbles. In other words, a diamond’s true value can only be realized through a skill-intensive cutting and aesthetic crafting process. However, the truth of the matter is that diamonds have no inherent value. Diamonds only have value because of a century-old marketing campaign heralding its value, plus restriction […]

7 Common Car Accessories That Waste Your Money

Some people’s identities are inextricably connected to their cars, and their car accessories, too. That is why buying non-essential or useless car accessories can be impossible for some people to resist. Car owners bought over $90 billion in car accessories in 2017, the equivalent of government spending on cancer research since Richard Nixon’s “War on […]

Paid Not to Work: How Universal Basic Income Might Compensate for Coming Job Losses

The unemployment rate for the United States hovers around the 4% mark currently. But that number represents only the amount of people who are unemployed and also actively looking for work. Meanwhile, the workforce participation rate was 62% in 2015, meaning that almost 40% of Americans were unemployed but have completely given up on looking for new […]