Cryptocurrencies Were Missing This Crucial Investment Feature — Until Now

Cash in crypto just sitting around, earning nothing? Say no more. Coinbase has created a venture fund called Compound which will allow investors to accrue interest on cryptocurrencies. The San Francisco digital currency exchange has successfully raised more than $8.2 million dollars in seed capital funding for the project. Compound’s business model is to create an […]

Zero Percent Auto Loans Are Quickly Becoming Extinct, Thanks to Rising Interest Rates

Zero percent auto loans are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Auto dealerships and automakers used such sweetheart loans to entice consumers to look around the showroom. Now, however, car dealers are abandoning these incentives, in response due to steadily rising interest rates. Online vehicle information analyst Edmunds estimates that only 7.4% of all […]

Google Could Be Next Under the Spotlight for Data Abuses

Recently, Facebook has been the object of public fury upon the discovery that it uses individuals’ private data without their knowledge or consent. Those who criticized Facebook would be surprised to learn Google gathers far more personal information than its social media peer. For now, Google has escaped the wrath visited upon Facebook by irate […]

Opinion: Facebook Workers Can See Anything They Want On Your Profile. That’s Wrong.

Bedeviled by the uproar created by disclosure concerning its callous disregard for its user privacy, Facebook’s business practices continue to generate controversy. The latest contentious privacy-related issue concerns Facebook employees’ ability to access users’ profiles without disclosure or obtaining the user’s permission. This dual privacy standard is symptomatic of a dilemma for the company: How […]

As Debt Spirals into Trillions, Trump Backers Call for Law to Make Tax Cuts Permanent

Gary Cohn, the Goldman Sachs banker turned advisor to President Trump and now former head of the National Economic Council, says that personal tax cuts passed in recent tax overhaul legislation should be made permanent. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 made deep cuts to both corporate and individual tax rates, but only the […]