If History Is Any Guide, It’s Time to Bail On Stocks for the Summer

During the past few months, investors have had to contend with market volatility, an increase in interest rates and uncertainty about the direction of the yield curve and the stock market. To complicate matters, those looking to take short-term profits presently face another unknown variable: May through November has historically been a six-month weak stretch […]

Retail Cryptocurrency Trading Could Take Wall Street by Storm

A Thomson Reuters survey reveals that more than one in five financial institutions is currently considering crypto trading in response to consumer demand — and maybe starting up within a year. Retail industry interest in cryptocurrency trading has surged as cryptocurrency mania continues.  The survey compiles responses from more than 400 financial companies. Well over […]

Overdrawn: German Banking Giant Pays Out $35 Billion in Error

Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank, accidently issued $35 billion to an international exchange that wasn’t owed. The event is almost too staggering to comprehend. The market value of Deutsche bank itself is only $30 billion. Representative from Deutsche Bank categorized the event as an “operational error.” The colossal financial blunder occurred in late March 2018. The mistakenly […]

Opinion: Stock Are Returning to Normal. Investors Should Adjust Accordingly.

Though they may be loathe to admit it, investors have been spoiled for the past decade and largely shielded from the risk of even a mild downturn in the market. Pampered by 10 years of historically unprecedented low interest rates and an unwavering Federal Reserve policy of easy money, many investors have been disquieted by market […]

Warren Buffett: Here’s What Elon Musk Gets Wrong About Capitalism

Nearly 42,000 Berkshire Hathaway shareholders last weekend made the pilgrimage to Omaha, Nebraska to hear Warren Buffett and his longtime business partner Charlie Munger answer six hours of questions and answers at an annual meeting of shareholders. Buffett, among the world’s wealthiest people, had as usual many homespun nuggets of investing wisdom to offer. But […]

Trump Tax Cut Will Push Stocks 20% Higher, Then Recession: Analyst

Stocks will continue rising by about 20% for the next 18 months, after which a recession will hit in 2020. That’s according to Scott Minerd, the global chief investment officer for mutual fund company Guggenheim Partners. Minerd made the comments while speaking at the 2018 Milken Global Investment Conference in Los Angeles. According to Minerd, […]

Analysis: Consumer Stocks, Bedrocks of Defensive Investing, Fall Victim to Millennial Whims

For years, consumer staple stocks have provided investors with downside protection during periods of recession and market downturns. These blue-chip stocks provided investors a defensive buffer due to their stable earnings, generous dividends and consistently increasing payout ratios. For yield-starved investors in a low interest rate climate, that combo was manna from heaven. And it […]

Critics: Trump’s Healthcare Reform Strategy Means Higher Costs for Middle Class

Medical professionals and health insurance advocates are criticizing the Trump administration’s recent short-term healthcare strategy. The proposal of cheaper, shorter term coverage plans may increase the number of Americans who are uninsured or under-insured, they charge. Critics are concerned that any proposal that cuts or limits coverage will prove detrimental to millions, many of them […]