Analysis: Junk Bond Investors On High Alert As Risks Mount On Fed Rate Decision

Thanks to a long-running stable interest rate climate, holders of low-grade corporate debt — so-called “junk bonds” — enjoyed higher returns while assuming relatively minimal additional risk. Now that the Federal Reserve has announced its intention to raise rates, though, the good times for high-yield bonds may be over. Recently, investors have become increasingly leery […]

States Seek Power to Offer 401(k) Retirement Plans to Everyone

Several states and retirement plan advocates are supporting passage of a plan to allow state governments to offer retirement plans to workers not covered by 401(k)-type workplace plans. The plans would be run by the state but offered through small businesses that normally cannot effectively manage a 401(k). Deductions from worker paychecks would fund the […]

Experts: Smart Retirement Investors Use Cryptocurrency to Season, Not Stuff, Their Portfolios

Big bets on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are too risky for retirement investors, but a little digital money can hedge against declines in the values of other nest-egg assets. Bitcoin is the most widely held cryptocurrency, but its volatile value makes bitcoin unsuitable as a long-term investment, according to David Twibell, president of Custom Portfolio […]

Runaway Tech Wealth Driving Small Investors Away from Stock Market: Study

Technological changes over the last two decades have transformed the way people live and work. They’ve also impacted the way people perceive investment risk, according to new research. A recently published research paper that shows a connection between technological disruption and the substantive changes that have taken place in investor behavior. Researchers Stavros Panageas at UCLA […]