How 401(k) Plans Practically Dictated a Bull Market — and What Could Happen Next

The fund automatically reallocates the bond to equity percentage weighting in the retirement account. Given their popularity, TDFs have had an out-sized impact on the market. In no small measure, these automated funds have helped support the 10-year long bull market. Target-date funds were marketed to individuals in the early years of their employment history […]

7 Cities Where the Average Monthly Rent is $600 or Less

Even though home ownership is considered the American dream, many young Americans can’t afford it. More than 78% of homeowners are 65 years old or older. Less than 36% of homeowners are under 35 years old. Yet apartment renting isn’t always the cheaper option either. San Francisco features the highest average national rent prices. A studio […]

5 Crucial Money Decisions If You Are Forced to Retire Early

Forced retirement is a problem many folks are grappling with these days. Around 37% of retirees in the country leave work earlier than they had expected, typically due to health problems, layoffs, shutdowns and cutbacks. Many forced to retire early struggle with their day-to-day expenses as a result of losing their only source of income. […]

5 Ideal Fields For Part-Time Work During Retirement

Retirees who are in reasonably good health could have different motivations to work, apart from economic necessity. Some may choose to work out of their need for intellectual stimulation, while others may find that working is good for their physical and emotional well-being. Some may simply want to keep themselves busy by working part-time after […]