7 States Charging the Very Lowest Property Taxes

Property taxes pay for municipal services such as fire and police, schools and the salaries of civil servants. How much you pay depends on numerous factors like nearby corporate tax rates and housing values. The average American pays about $3,500 in property taxes annually, a 4% increase from the year before. New Jersey homeowners pay […]

This Investment Helps College Endowments and Billionaires Beat the Stock Market

When it comes to investing, your options are not limited to equities, bonds, and money market instruments alone. There are many non-traditional, alternative investments that can help you diversify your portfolio and give you excellent returns in the long term. One such alternative investment is private equity. Many of the world’s most respected investors, such […]

Strategist: Retiring Boomers Could Mean Decade-Long Slump in Stocks

Jefferies analysts recently revived an economic theory that the oncoming wave of baby boomer retirements could usher in a stock market “dark period.” The theory goes that as boomers liquidate equity holdings in a mass exodus there could be a decade-long slump in stock prices.  That is, until the younger generation starts to buy up […]

How 401(k) Plans Practically Dictated a Bull Market — and What Could Happen Next

The fund automatically reallocates the bond to equity percentage weighting in the retirement account. Given their popularity, TDFs have had an out-sized impact on the market. In no small measure, these automated funds have helped support the 10-year long bull market. Target-date funds were marketed to individuals in the early years of their employment history […]