States Seek Power to Offer 401(k) Retirement Plans to Everyone

Several states and retirement plan advocates are supporting passage of a plan to allow state governments to offer retirement plans to workers not covered by 401(k)-type workplace plans. The plans would be run by the state but offered through small businesses that normally cannot effectively manage a 401(k). Deductions from worker paychecks would fund the […]

Bitcoin in Your IRA? Consider First the Risks, and the Fees

Financial experts are worried that Bitcoin mania and the overestimation of the safety of Bitcoin IRAs will normalize the idea of using cryptocurrencies as a viable investment option in retirement planning. It is a retirement savings strategy that is fraught with risk, they say, as well as hidden fees and unpredictability. Auctus, a retirement planning firm, […]

Goldman Sachs Computer Screams ‘Stock Selloff,’ but Analysts say ‘Hold Tight’

Is it time for that long-predicted bear market to finally begin? A Goldman Sachs computer model says yes! One model created by the Wall Street giant shows a dangerous bear market — more than a blip or correction but outright stock selling sustained for a long period — is right around the corner. The Goldman […]

CD Rates Pop Higher with Fed Rate Hike. What to do Now to Capture a Better Return On Savings

The Federal Reserve move to increase the benchmark interest rate should lead to higher rates for savers who like to invest in federally insurance certificates of deposit (CDs), a popular retirement income vehicle. After years of basement-level returns, some CD yields are nearing 3%. Does this mean it is time to divert some cash into CDs? […]

How the Trump Tax Cuts Affect the Uber Wealthy and Their Heirs

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, signed into law by President Donald Trump in December, significantly changed federal estate tax planning statutes. Namely, the cuts double the current personal exemptions for estate tax beneficiaries. Previously, the cap for personal exemption from federal estate taxes was $5.5 million dollars. It is now $11.2 million dollars. Married couples […]

Biggest Investors Dump Stocks, Bonds for More Private Equity

Sovereign wealth funds have boosted their investment in private equity and other alternative investments to nearly one-fourth of their total assets, according to a report by accounting firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC). PwC reported that yield-hungry sovereign wealth funds had 23 percent of their assets invested in private equity, real estate, infrastructure and commodities in 2016, up […]