Biblically Responsible Investing Is Not Easy, but Maybe Worth It?

Biblically responsible investing is the practice of making investments that do not conflict with a person’s religious belief. After all, how can a deeply pious person invest in a cigarette company or alcohol company and then condemn those who indulge in such vices? Biblically responsible investing thus requires intensely informed investing practices. Socially responsible investing, […]

Would You Eat Ugly Carrots to Save Money?

“Ugly produce” a is term for aesthetically unpleasing food that usually goes unsold in lieu of more cosmetically appetizing fruits and vegetables. Bruised, blemished, or misshapen apples, double-headed carrots, or irregularly sized produce are examples of ugly produce. Not pretty to look at, but just as healthy as advertisement-worthy fruits and vegetables. Ugly produce is […]

California Moves Toward Recognizing Blockchain as a Means to Keep Stock Records

The state of California, by some measures among the largest economies in the world, is moving to recognize stock ownership via blockchain technology. Companies would be allowed to store data, including information about stockholders, on a blockchain, according to California Senate Bill 838. If approved by committee the full Senate would vote on the measure. The […]

Chinese Investors Were Leaving USA Well Before Trump’s Trade War

Chinese investments in American business interests fell by more than a third from 2016 to 2017. A research report by the Rhodium Group and the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations reveal a startling drop in Sino-backed investments. Most interestingly, the drop in Chinese investment interest fell long before President Donald Trump’s self-waged international trade war. […]

Are Cryptocurrencies Actually Currencies or Something Else? Billions Hang in the Balance

Are cryptocurrency coins actually currency, as their developers believe, or securities, as some investors believe — or just commodities, like gold? The answer could determine the legal fate, and ultimately the value, of hundreds of billions of dollars worth of crypto already in circulation around the world. In late February, U.S. District Judge Jack Weinstein […]