David Frazier: Ignore the Fed, Stocks Heading Lower

Excerpted transcript:

Hello I’m David Frazier, the chief market strategist and senior equity analyst for RealDaily.com’s Maximum Profit Trader and Small Cap Profit Confidential.

This is the first in a series of videos that we plan to do every week regarding factors and developments that are likely to affect the direction of the worldwide financial markets and how you, our audience, can profit from those developments regardless of whether stock prices are going up, going down, or going sideways.

Now, before we get started let me say we’ve been very successful with both our Maximum Profit Trader, which we began in July of this year, and our Small Cap Profit Confidential service, which we began in April of this year, with 75% of our recommendations for our short-term trading service, Maximum Profit Trader, generating gains since we began that service during July, and the average overall return on our closed-out positions for our Small Cap Profit Confidential service generating a 12.1% average return since we begin that service during April this year.

And both of those services are outperforming all of the major stock market indices.

Now, so, in this first video, and none of this is scripted, you know, I’m just talking to you as if I was sitting next to you, we’re going or I should say I’m going to talk a little bit about the upcoming Federal Reserve meeting and Federal Reserve monetary policy, or should I say interest rate decision, on Wednesday December 19th of this month, which is later today. You know you’re probably just not watching this video sometime on Wednesday December 19.

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