Early Retirement Not Feasible? Why Not Take a Mini-Retirement

Is retirement feeling like a distant dream, unaffordable and unrealistic? Perhaps there is a better way.

In his book The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss coined the term “mini-retirement” to describe another approach to retirement.

The idea being that instead of taking one final retirement at the end of life, you take a series of meaningful intermissions throughout your life.

For some, this might be far more accessible than a traditional retirement and, done right, it might well give you a whole new approach to working.

A mini-retirement isn’t about sitting on a beach for six months but taking a chance to have the adventure that has always beckoned.

This probably isn’t a package tour but an exploration of your own identity and ideas — a chance for reflection, or just a chance to do that something you’ve always wanted to do.

Although most mini-retirements involve travel, they don’t have to.

A mini-retirement could be an extended staycation, a chance to spend more time in the garden, pursue a hobby at home, or fulfil those frustrated creative ambitions.

Many people struggle with a sense of not knowing what they really want and uncertainty over whether or not they have chosen the right career.

Without a fresh perspective, it can sometimes be difficult to get a real understanding of the issue.

By stepping away from the nine-to-five and embracing a lifestyle outside the norm, you open a blank page and create the space for a new perspective to emerge.

Taking a longer break can help you regain a feeling of control over your professional life and get the space needed to inform a clear decision.

A mini retirement gives you the time to pursue this valuable perspective. By fully stepping away from your desk, you can start to reflect on what really needs to be achieved between nine and five.

By finding a job that fits you better, you will boost your performance over the long run.  Many studies show that workers who manage to find a job that fits them well are better at what they do.

Upskill yourself

If you have been in the same job for five to 10 years, to an outsider you might come across as stagnant, and lacking the versatility necessary to be effective in different areas.

Taking a mini-retirement can also be an opportunity to develop a tangential skill that might ultimately improve your career.

There are many ways to expand your knowledge base, through painting, yoga, or even sailing around the world, experiences that will teach you valuable lessons applicable in all spheres of life.

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