3 Ways to Save Money and Make Sure You Get the Absolutely Best Deal

Marketing is meant to get the word out about the “latest and greatest” products, but new doesn’t always mean better. From electronics, to clothes and dining room sets, always remember, everything goes on sale eventually.

Here are three ways to putting off your urge to impulse buy anything new and thus save a bundle of cash:

Buy out of season

The latest fashions will keep you in the pop culture loop, but it’s an investment that most likely will lead to higher than average prices.

There are always times of the year to purchase new clothes, and it doesn’t always have to be the day of a given style’s debut in stores. Buying coats in the summer or linen clothes in the winter may seem tasteless but it can save serious cash.

Buying out of season may set you back a few months in the fashion sense but not in your bank account. Even waiting a few weeks can make all the difference in getting a deal. 

If you do decide to splurge on high-end clothing, stick to timeless pieces. High-quality fabrics cost more in the short term but pay off in the long term. If you have a good eye for fashion you too can pass down clothing to future generations. 

Used can be good as new

New is not always best, especially if it affects your bottom line. Explore used options instead of new ones to fulfill the same needs.

The psychology behind purchasing is extremely important when you realize most of everything purchased is not always necessary. Shops such as Goodwill or online used retailers such as Ebay can have much better deals than large online retailers.

Have you considered shopping at a local flea market or antique store? You should, because not only does it give older household goods new life but also saves it from being in a landfill.

Billions of dollars are thrown in the garbage due to the constant demand for new items. This unsustainable practice is not only bad for the environment but also creates tons of waste.

Take advantage of tech trends

No other market changes quite as fast as tech and it can be hard to keep up. The evolutionary model in technology allows for exponential improvements but also large increases in pricing. On average, every six months there is a noticeable leap in quality, but it’s important to consider how new technology will affect you.

Yes, technology is meant to improve upon the human condition but at the same time there can be diminishing returns. Research the average lifespan of the electronics you buy and the significance in your life and it will make for more targeted, meaningful purchases.

Benefits of waiting

There’s more good to waiting than bad, but advertisements will always say otherwise. Before making a purchase, try to consider how past purchases will soon become trash or how it will affect the environment around you.

Opt for purchasing experiences rather than items. But more importantly, think of  all the money that can be saved, and more investments to be made in the future. And remember, eventually, everything goes on sale.