7 Genius Food Tricks You Can Do at Home

Everyone likes to have fun and cook, right?

There are many cool hacks and tricks out there nowadays that make kitchen time more fun. Making time in the kitchen more enjoyable is great. Enjoy these with your kids and family, or even by yourself!

If you’re a bit of a show-off (like me) you’ll find that many of these fun tricks can also be used to impress your guests when they come over. Also, most of them include supplies that you may already have around the house which makes it simple.

Some of these tricks can save you time in the kitchen and others include super delicious recipes to try out at home.

Here are seven that are definitely worth a try. Even if you don’t attempt them, they’re still fun to watch and share…

Fastest way to cut a cake

“What’s the fastest way to cut a cake?

Dental floss!

Most knives aren’t long enough and things end up messy. Check out this quick and easy way to cut your cake and eat it too!”

If you’ve ever had to slice a piece of cake, you know it can get super messy. Here is a solution to the problem: Dental Floss! This gives the cake a clean cut, with minimal mess. This method works especially well with soft cakes such as cheesecake. You can also cut soft cheeses with dental floss!

How to make hassleback potatoes

Have you ever tried hassleback potatoes?

It is basically a mix between a baked potato and french fries!

They are perfectly crispy and a fun and easy way to cook potatoes for the whole family! Don’t forget to use chopsticks when slicing the potatoes, or you may slice through the potato.

You can also add ingredients to hassleback potatoes such as garlic, cheese and fresh herbs and spices.

PS- Any potato can be used, even sweet potatoes!

Smoked bacon weave wrapped sausage roll

Smoked bacon, yum! This technique may look complicated but it is actually quite simple! Only a few supplies are needed only include wax paper, scissors, plastic bags and a rolling pin. These are items that most people have in their home already!

This recipe can also be modified to add whatever stuffing you like! You may use cheese, vegetables, fruit, spices, or herbs. You can make it sweet or spicy depending on your preference!

This recipe is good for entertaining guests since it has a beautiful presentation and can feed a large group of people!

Separating 5 egg yolks with a water bottle

Separating egg yolks can be a tough task, and can get messy as well! You usually have your hands covered with egg by the end, but not with this technique! This method is so simple, only requiring an empty plastic water bottle!

“I saw a video of someone separating egg yolks using a water bottle. I was so impressed, I just had to try it for myself. After the initial shock of how well it worked, I wondered can you do more than 1? The answer…”

Many recipes requiring separating the yolk the egg white, but it can be such a pain! This method is simple, quick, and mess free!

Make homemade ice cream in a plastic bag

This is a great idea for kids! Fun and easy project for parents to do with their children! Who doesn’t love ice cream, especially when it is homemade. I remember making this when I was a kid, and I was so impressed at how simple it was.

The best part is that you can flavor your ice cream with whatever you like! Such as fruit, nut butters, or chocolate!

“DIY ice cream in a plastic bag! Combine ingredients in a 1 quart plastic bag, seal and place in another 1 quart bag then seal. Place 1 quart bag mixture in a gallon size bag with ice and salt squeezing the air out. Shake for 7-8 minutes. Wear gloves and make sure to wrap a towel around the bag. It’s tiring for younger kids, so you may have to take turns shaking the bag.”

How to make balloon chocolate bowls

“Learn how to make easy chocolate bowls using…balloons? Making the bowls is simple. Wash your balloons, blow them up, dip them in chocolate, wait for the chocolate to dry, and then pop away! Fill them with ice cream for a fun party treat.”

Everyone will be impressed with your chocolate bowls! Depending on your preference, you can use milk, dark or white chocolate.

You can fill them with fresh fruit, cake, ice cream or mousse. And the best part is you can eat the bowl when you are done!

Giant size milk food dye and dish soap experiment

This is awesome experiment to do with your kids! You only need a few supplies and it is very entertaining and beautiful!

“This is a Christmas tree spill tray. It is 2-1/2 ft. in diameter and it requires about 2/3 of a gallon of milk to fill for the experiment. The food dye drops are regular food dye drops. The dish soap is Dawn Ultra Antibacterial dish soap. The method I used was a soap soaked cotton ball. Colors were brightened in the editor and parts of the video were sped up, but the initial reaction is at normal speed. Total video capture time was 20 minutes.”

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