GOP Should Keep Control of House (and Stocks Will Surge)

In last week’s update, I told subscribers Small-Cap Profit Confidential to not worry about the recent downturn in the overall stock market, or in my recommended stocks, as my research indicated that stocks were in the process of bottoming.

I also noted that the small-company stocks that compose our model portfolio would move substantially higher than their recent levels over the next 12 to 18 months.

Stocks did in fact rebound sharply after that.

And the value of our model portfolio rose by 5.8% in spite of the fact that 45% of that portfolio is currently allocated to cash-like investments (i.e. money-market securities).

Before continuing, there’s something I want you to know that’s very important to me:

Unlike many financial market newsletters that regularly try to sweep their losing recommendations under the carpet and to make excuses for their underperformance relative to the overall stock market, I will NEVER mislead you in regard to my individual securities recommendations or my overall investment recommendations.

And, when new developments suggest that I might have made a mistake regarding any particular recommendation, I’ll openly admit those mistakes and help you to recover from any such mistakes.

Having said the above, my research has continued to indicate that all of our model portfolio holdings that are currently in negative territory will generate profits within the next six months, and that a few of those securities will generate gains within the next three months.

Although that same research indicates that stock prices, in general, including our recommended holdings, will continue to be volatile over the next few weeks, that research also suggests that stocks will trend substantially higher than their recent levels over the next two to five months.

In the event that the Republicans maintain control of the U.S. House of Representatives, which I think is much more likely to occur than most so-called “political experts” are projecting, I would expect stocks to surge during the week of Nov. 5 through Nov. 9.

In regard to my currently recommended stocks…

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