5 Beneficial Herbs That Can Boost Your Energy Level

Most of us experience symptoms of adrenal fatigue occasionally — or even regularly. While adrenal fatigue is not a proven medical condition, supporters of adrenal fatigue are quite certain that it exists, and that there are ways for patients to help themselves.

An obvious way to support the adrenals, and ultimately your health, is eating a balanced diet, including important vitamins such as Vitamin B5, B6, and B12.

Additionally, make sure you don’t suffer from any mineral deficiencies, and try to get some sunlight every day for an extra dose of important Vitamin D. A blood test will give you the answers about whether or not you should add some supplementation to your healthy foods.

You may also benefit from supplementing with high quality herbs from the list below, which you can get over the counter.

It should be noted that when in doubt, contact your trusted healthcare practitioner to decide which of these herbs would be best for your individual needs.

Five key herbs

Maca root: When suffering from adrenal fatigue combined with low hormone levels, consider using this herb. It improves the uptake of hormones by the cells and increases their efficiency. Maca roots has also been shown to regulate cortisol production.

Holy basil: This herb is also known as Tulsi and can help you relieve stress and anxiety and improve insomnia. Holy basil may also boost your immune system.

Ashwagandha: In India this herb is known as the “strength of the stallion.” People use it to strengthen the immune system after illness. There is some evidence suggesting that ashwagandha is beneficial to the thyroid and also the adrenals, as it boosts energy levels in people who take it regularly.

Rhodiola rosea: Also called the Arctic root or golden root, it has been shown to improve blood circulation and increase cortisol production when needed. It is often used as an anti-fatigue herb.

Astragalus root: This herb helps with the ability to handle stress. It boosts the immune system and helps regulate blood sugar levels. It is also known to improve insulin resistance.

Before getting started on any supplementation regimen, please research if there are any contraindications for certain conditions you may suffer from.

In order to support your adrenals, it is important to find relaxation. Consider daily meditation, yoga, regular massages and frequent walks.

When sitting down for a meal, turn off all electronic devices and focus on the delicious food on your plate. This will improve your body’s ability to absorb nutrients more efficiently and you are likely to eat smaller portions. Chew each bite thoroughly before swallowing.

Finally, try to stop now and then, and just breathe. You will find it helps you relax and calms your mind.

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