3 Easy Ways to Lower Your Monthly Power Bill

Electricity is a significant and often unpredictable monthly expense for homeowners and renters who pay their own utility bills.

In the United States, people spend roughly 2% to 3% of their annual income on electricity.

It is no surprise that people are always looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption since that is a substantial amount of money. 

Here are three ways to lower your monthly power bill.

A professional energy audit

 There are many reputable HVAC companies that offer home energy audits, in which a technician brings precisely calibrated measuring instruments into your home in order to assess its energy efficiency.

You will also be able to evaluate appliance efficiency and many other factors that will contribute to your household’s energy consumption by undergoing these tests.

These tests will consider factors such as the integrity of your home’s building envelope, checking for leaks and drafts, and evaluating the energy efficiency of your appliances.

You can use the audit’s findings to pinpoint the most effective improvements you can make. If you are unsure of where to begin saving, an audit can help you identify where to start.

A programmable thermostat

Home heating and cooling cycles can be precisely controlled with programmable thermostats.

Furthermore, you can also adjust your home’s temperature on a daily basis and set up a schedule to ensure that you are comfortable all through the day and in every season without wasting any energy.

In addition to this, there are plenty of smart systems that can be controlled remotely over the internet, allowing you to override your set programs while you are on the go or at work.

Upgrade windows, doors and duct-work

If you’ve got old, drafty ducts, you could be squandering 10% to 25% (or more) of your home heating and cooling costs.

Drafty duct-work allows the conditioned air to escape before it’s delivered, amounting to avoidable waste. Seal the drafts to give your system’s efficiency a helpful boost.

Like duct-work, leaky windows and doors can cause major household energy inefficiencies. In the winter, they allow heat to escape, forcing you to pay more to warm your home.

In the summer, they allow hot and humid outdoor air to seep inside, thus making your A/C work harder to achieve the desired indoor temperature.

While this fix requires an upfront investment, such improvements will pay dividends for years. Energy-efficient windows and doors also boost your home’s resale value.