Stop Osteoporosis in Its Tracks with These Bone-Building Foods

Osteoporosis literally translates as “thinning of bone.” It is a medical condition that results in the reduction of bone mineral density and bone mass, as well as deterioration of bone tissue.

This very serious disease can lead to bones that are extremely brittle and may break from the weight of the body.

It often results in fractures and can cause permanent disability. Here are five ways to stop osteoporosis in its tracks.

Take fish oil

Fish oil containing eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and gamma linolenic acid (GLA), is considered a natural remedy for osteoporosis. It also brings the added benefit of preventing cardiovascular issues while improving brain function and skin condition.

Get regular exercise

A sedentary lifestyle is very damaging to the strength of bones. It requires exercise to strengthen bone because bone builds when it has been stressed. Regular participation in a form of light exercise, such as dancing, aerobics, and walking is highly recommended for osteoporosis treatment. Most beneficial of all are weight training and resistance exercises, which really encourage new bone growth and an increase in bone density.

Boost calcium and magnesium

Look for food sources that have a high calcium and magnesium content. These compounds are crucial for increasing bone density.

Of the two, magnesium is even more important for bone density and growth than calcium. Unfortunately, up to 90 percent of people are usually deficient in magnesium.

Good food sources of calcium include almond milk, cheese, white beans, dried figs, bok choy, and kale. Excellent food sources of magnesium are dark leafy greens, fish, seeds, avocados, nuts, dried fruit, and bananas.

A heavily acidic diet that is high in soda, coffee, bad fats, sugar, and processed foods is very damaging not only to bones, but your overall health. Because bones consist primarily of phosphorus and calcium, stores of calcium, which is alkaline, become depleted as your body tries to balance against a heavily acidic diet.

Be sure to get your vitamin D

Calcium alone is not enough for bone formation, you also require a supply of vitamin D. The absolute best source of vitamin D is time spent in the sun, but in moderation of course.

For people who are fair skinned, it is recommended that you get approximately 10 minutes of sun exposure at midday. This should help your body produce 10,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D.

Food sources of vitamin D include fresh-caught wild tuna and organic Greek yogurt.

Make better lifestyle choices

If you are at high risk for developing osteoporosis, then you should be extra vigilant to avoid drinking sodas. The phosphorus in sodas, especially colas, is very damaging to the bones because it draws out the calcium stored in them.

Making healthy lifestyle choices is extremely important for preventing osteoporosis. Recommended changes include reducing alcohol intake, decreasing the intake of tea or coffee, quitting a cigarette habit, and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

Consult with your physician about concerns if you are on medication or postmenopausal.

For postmenopausal women, a deficiency in estrogen can also contribute to a rapid loss of bone mineral density. Consider supplementing with soy food products that mimic estrogen only if you can find non-GMO versions.

Be aware if you are taking certain medications, such as cortisone or corticosteroids, anticoagulants, or thyroid supplements, that these can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb calcium.

To ensure the health of your bones well into old age, you need to start immediately.

Make healthy lifestyle choices, eat organic foods rich in calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. Above all else, participate in regular weight training or resistance exercises, while avoiding an acidic diet.

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Stop Osteoporosis in Its Tracks with These Bone-Building Foods

Osteoporosis literally translates as "thinning of bone." It is a medical condition that results in the reduction of bone mineral density and bone mass, as well as deterioration of bone

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