Our Top 5 Favorite Blenders

Whether you drink them for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or to fuel a workout, smoothies are a wonderful way to get a bunch of nutrients coursing through your system in the most delicious of ways. To make them at home, it goes without saying that you’ll need a blender!

Since smoothies have grown in popularity, there are many franchises and mall stands dedicated to serving up a smoothie any time of day. However, this is not the healthiest route. Many commercially-made smoothies are loaded with sugar, contain less-than-healthy ingredients (such as synthetic protein powders with chemical additives), and do not use organic fruits and veggies.

The simple solution is to make your own smoothies at home — it couldn’t be easier! Simply add the fruits, veggies, and other ingredients (bee pollen and chia seeds are two great ones worth noting) to the blender cup, and blend! Getting the right blender for your individual needs is key — especially if you’ll be using it on a daily basis — which we highly recommend!

The following are five of our favorite blenders:

Farberware 4-Speed Digital Blender with Single Serve Cup 103742

This blender is inexpensive, versatile, and simple to use. You can blend your ingredients in a 48-ounce glass jar, or make a personal smoothie in a 20-ounce travel cup (great for when you’re in a hurry). It is designed to be easy to use for both right-handed and left-handed individuals, and has four blending speeds. However, take note that it is a bit noisy, and you may want to wash the parts by hand, as dishwasher cleaning may eventually lead to rusting.

Hamilton Beach Commercial Tempest HBH650

blenderThis high-performance blender has four speeds, a capacity of eight cups, and both dial and touchpad controls. It also has a pulse setting, so you can blend to the perfect consistency with ease. The Hamilton Beach Commercial Tempest also comes with a temperature gauge, and a timer with an automatic shut-off. The blades are not removable, but if you clean it with care, this model should last you a while.

KitchenAid 5-Speed

This blender has five speeds — more than most blenders you will find, and it is also compact for easy storage. While the motor is strong and can tackle blending even hard fruits and veggies, it is quiet — so that your early-morning workout smoothie won’t wake up your family members.

Magic Bullet The Original Blender QC4-111004

If you have no use for a large blender, and only want to make personal-sized smoothies, the Magic Bullet is a great choice. It is small and compact, and blends into a single-serve smoothie cup with a convenient handle. It is quick and relatively noise-free, and comes with a wealth of accessories including various blades, so that you can customize your smoothies to your desired consistency.

Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series

If you’re an avid smoothie connoisseur and want a top-of-the-line blender, look no further than this Vitamix model. It is commercial grade, and sports a powerful motor to blend just about anything! It is easy to use, and can be set to a number of settings to not only blend, but also heat, churn, and chop various foods. On top of that, it’s easy to clean, and comes with a seven-year warranty.

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