How to Sell Your Car Online With Best Results

Selling a car is not easy, but it has become relatively easier to do in the digital age.

But selling your car online allows you more options to sell it on your terms. There are more buyers and more opportunities to maximize the car’s value.

Here are a few ways to help you do that.

Estimate your car’s value

To sell your car and receive as much as possible for it, you need to know its approximate market value.

Start there first. Then you can potentially increase the price relative to future negotiations.

There are several online care sites that you can use to approximate your car’s value. All you have to do is input the vehicle’s VIN, license plate number, or the year, make, and model.

Here are some sites where you check the market value of your vehicle:

Clean the car and make necessary repairs

Don’t be so consumed with potentially encountering scammers or indecisive thumb-twiddlers so much that you present your car in such an aesthetically unpleasant way. Doing that might you get tagged as a scammer.

Clean the vehicle and do any needed repairs. The more viable your car is as a reliable daily driver, the more you can charge when selling it.

Sell on Facebook Marketplace

There are many sites where you can auction your vehicle, like eBay or Craigslist. But that can be a passive way to sell your car.

You need to wait for whoever responds to your ad and you’ll probably get a lot of indecisive online window shoppers, pranksters, and scam artists.

Instead, make a Facebook marketplace ad to sell your vehicle. You can make a full description of the vehicle, add pictures, and be more proactive in finding sellers.

Half of the planet is on Facebook. You can sign up for car-based groups on the site, look for buyers in your area, vet profiles, and interact with bids faster than waiting for a Craigslist ad reply.

Accept instant cash from an online car site

There are many online used and new car marketplaces where you can sell your used car. If you know the general value of your car, you are well-positioned to field offers.

The main downside is that most of these sites will make non-negotiable offers. But you are more likely to get a serious offer from one of these sites than expending a lot of energy trying to find a buyer on your own.

Of coure, you will have to deliver the car to close the deal.

Here are a few to consider:

Kelley Blue Book has an instant cash offer that works via a national network of car dealers to facilitate used car offers. KBB takes a percentage, but it’s the affiliate dealer who makes the offer. You will get a one-week offer.

Driveway also has an instant cash offer. An offer is good for seven days. Driveway may pick up your car and offers a free return or exchange for the vehicle within a week and under 400 miles of use.

If you live near a Shift facilitator hub, the company will make an offer good for a week and even pick up the vehicle. If you bring the car in for an evaluation, a $300 bonus will be added to your asking price.