Who’s Listening To Your Smartphone Conversations? Some Fear It’s China….

Is your smartphone a double agent? Following a warning from the U.S. government’s top security agencies on Chinese-made phones, at least one mainstream U.S. retailer has decided to stop selling them. Best Buy has dropped smartphones, smartwatches or laptops from Chinese manufacturer Huawei. Huawei is the world’s third-largest smartphone maker. Best Buy is the United States’ largest […]

Bank of America Just Revealed How Horrified Wall Street Is by Cryptocurrencies

Bank Of America, a massive financial entity by any measure, is warning that cryptocurrencies could potentially undermine its entire business.  In a 13,000-word regulatory filing, the United States’ third-largest bank by assets mentioned cryptocurrencies three times in the documents “risk factors” section. This is the part of a corporate filing where a company has to […]