2 Best Telecommuting Work Opportunities for Seniors

Working full-time or part-time as a senior citizen can be self-defeating in a world where the cost of living standards is always rising.

The median salary for most senior citizens working in 2018 was barely $22,000. However, the typical retiree needs at least $45,000 annually to cover their living expenses.

If you are age 65 and over, you can have more employment options that you can handle if you adjust to telecommuting.

All you need is a laptop and reliable internet to teach online or become a consultant.

Online Teaching

If you have decades of academic experience, you can leverage your professional experiences into a new career as an online teacher.

Classes and the educational routines of over 1.6 billion children were canceled or disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

And unknown millions of people were forcibly unemployed around the world because of the pandemic. In the United States alone, anywhere between 35 million and 70 million Americans were forcibly unemployed by the pandemic.

American unemployment, unfiltered by political lenses, may now be comparable to unemployment during the Great Depression.

This means that children will be learning online for the foreseeable future. And new generations of adults will have to refresh their educations or learn new skills and certifications online.

The point is that online teachers will be in high demand for the foreseeable future. Your experiences and training could secure you steady work and pay.

You can make anywhere between $11 to $20 per hour as an online teacher. Starting pay is $34,000 annually. But you can make more if you are a licensed and credential teacher.


Almost 38% of Americans aged 45 and over have been forced out of a job due to ageism according to an AARP report. And most American workers who lose jobs because of their age have times getting new work with high pay.

The most strategic way to game the system as a retiree is to hire yourself out as a consultant. As a consultant, you can charge companies for providing them with your advice, experience, and practical services related to your expertise.

Many of the same companies that fire employees over age may need to hire experienced, older people as consultants to train younger workers.

Depending on your connections, you can hire yourself out to almost any company as a consultant relative to their need.

The average consultant can charge $40 per hour.