Tron Is Hard to Trade Now, but Its Future is Tantalizing

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Because Bitcoin investments have had such amazing returns newbie and veteran investors alike are showing great interest in Bitcoin Alternatives such as Stellar, Ethereum and Ripple.

One of the newest virtual currency that is making a big splash on the market these days is Tron (TRX), due to an extraordinary surge in its value last month. It went from under a penny to $0.26 in December alone. So how does Tron differ from Bitcoin, and how can you trade new cryptocurrency?

Tron vs. Bitcoin

Tron is a blockchain currency with its sights set on revolutionizing how we buy and sell digital entertainment media. Like other virtual currencies, Tron’s creation stems from the need to address a specific problem in the digital marketplace that Bitcoin has ignored.

Tron, for example, gives digital content creators a way to exert total control and ownership over the digital media that they create. It does this by giving digital content creators a means to distribute directly to their audience without having to go through a third-party channel.

By cutting out the middleman, digital content creators can distribute their products without having to worry about the fees associated with selling on Google Play or the Apple Store.

Additionally, creators don’t have to worry about having their content removed from these sales platforms due to a conflict with another piece of digital media.

Another significant advantage to using Tron is that it eases international purchases, which can be a significant stumbling block for digital content creators looking to distribute globally.

Because of the versatility and convenience that Tron provides within the digital content ecosystem, investors are flocking to it.

Trading Tron

Unfortunately, like many newly-established Bitcoin alternatives, Tron is not available on Coinbase, the largest exchange platform for cryptocurrencies.

This fact may not change anytime in the foreseeable future because Coinbase has announced that it will not be adding any new currencies at this time.

While the vast majority of TRX exchanges occur on the Binance exchange platform, they have just recently announced they will not be accepting any new members due to a mass influx in membership recently.

Bit-Z, Liqui, Gatecoin, and Coinnest are all alternative platforms where you can trade for TRX coins.

However, it is important to note that all of these sites have limited units of Tron available. So if you’re looking to make a larger investment, it may be best to wait until Binance lifts registration blackout.

Tron is still a relatively new cryptocurrency. Its ability to streamline digital sales and distribution gives it a growth potential that should pique the interest of investors worldwide.

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