Turkey Neck Fixes That Really Work

Turkey neck is caused by a combination of loose skin, untoned muscles, and fat. Though it can be hard to keep the skin tight as you age, it is possible to exercise your neck muscles and reduce the appearance of turkey neck. Here are a few ways to help tone that flabby neck and keep your youthful appearance.

Turkey Neck Exercises

These exercises target your neck muscles and help strengthen and tone these often neglected muscle groups. Do them regularly for the best results. Try adding them to your bedtime routine to help build a habit. 

Neck Lift

For this exercise, simply lie down on your stomach with your head hanging over the edge. Lift your neck up as high as it can go. Be sure not to push until you experience pain. Use only your neck muscles and repeat this five times. Do it a few times a day to help strengthen your neck and keep your skin firm. 

Head Crunch

Lie on your back on a soft place like the carpet or a yoga mat. Lift your head slightly off the ground and turn it to the right and the left before coming back to the center and lowering it. Be sure to move slowly and avoid jerking motions, which can damage your neck. Repeat the exercises as many times as you comfortably can and stop doing it if you feel any pain. 

Forehead Battle

Place a hand on your forehead (make sure it’s clean to avoid getting grease on your skin) and push against your hand without letting your head move forward. Essentially, you are creating resistance to help build the strength in your neck and your arms. Hold it for 10 seconds and then lock your hands behind your neck and push backward. Hold that for 10 seconds and then repeat, using a different hand for the first part of the exercise. 

Chewing Gum

Sit up straight and look up towards the ceiling. Keep your lips lightly pressed together and act like you are chewing gum. You should feel this in the front and sides of your neck as you bring your teeth together. Repeat 20 times. 

Kiss the Ceiling

Sit with a straight back in a chair and point your chin towards the ceiling. Then purse your lips together as if you were giving the roof a kiss. Repeat this 20 times. It is helpful to find a spot on the ceiling to focus on, such as a light or a ceiling fan. You should be able to feel your neck muscles engage and begin to work.

Facial Rollers

If you are diligent in your neck exercises, you can help tone the muscle; however, your skin needs some attention as well. Invest a few dollars in facial rollers to help increase lymph drainage and improve blood flow, reduce wrinkles, and help restore elasticity. Stick it in the freezer for an extra relaxing, even more effective, treat.


N-acetyl glucosamine is a natural form of the chemical glucosamine, which is found in many antiaging neck creams. It has been proven to be effective in reducing turkey neck by firming and smoothing the skin. In fact, in one study of 85 women with turkey neck, twice daily application of a cream containing this compound improved the appearance of their neck in 94 percent of the test subjects.

Note on Surgery

Though surgery may be the most effective and hassle-free option for reducing turkey neck, it is also very invasive and potentially harmful. Instead of relying on cosmetic surgery, try these natural, inexpensive options instead. 

Ways to Help Prevent Turkey Neck

Remember, smoking, genetics, and sun exposure may also exacerbate the appearance of a loose neck and cause your skin to lose elasticity faster. Even if you don’t have a loose neck now, doing the exercises above will help tone your muscles and decrease your chances of developing it in the future. Plus, it is important to maintain proper moisturization on your neck and use mineral sunscreen whenever you plan to be outdoors. There is often a genetic component to turkey neck as well, so if your mother or grandmother has it, you’ll want to make extra sure that you are diligent in your neck-strengthening exercises and other preventative techniques.