Exclusive: Market Think Tank Experts On the Year Ahead for Stocks

Watch this exclusive replay of the Market Think Tank with Bob Iaccino from the live event held January 25th.

In this video replay, Amelia Bourdeau, Jim Iuorio, Mike Shorr, Michael Arnold and Jay Soloff share their thoughts on where the markets are headed in 2021.

They tackle how the stock market is responding to a Biden presidency, talks of another stimulus package and more.

  • Mike Shorr shares how Apple has gone up seven of the last eight earnings releases — and how to play it.
  • Amelia Bourdeau gave us a euro versus sterling trade.
  • Mike Arnold shared one of his stock scans and what it is showing right now in terms of how overvalued the market is, and why he likes silver more than gold.
  • Jim Iuorio did a deep dive into his January 29th ES 3850-3875-3895 call fly and how he thinks it will play out.
  • Jay Soloff gave us his opinion on the unusual activity in stock options.

Click the video below to watch now…