Analysis: Once Stagnant, Microsoft Performing Like a Growth Stock Again

Those who purchased stock in Microsoft in the early days, when Bill Gates was introducing the personal computer operating system that would eventually dominate the market, saw the price of the stock rise astronomically from 37 cents in 1987 to $45 in 2000. After 2000, Microsoft stock followed a normal path for companies that have […]

As Clock Ticks in Congress, Union Retirees Face Pension Cuts of 90%

Unless Congress acts, some 10 million union retirees could see their pensions cut by 90%. Many private pensions ultimately are backed by the taxpayer, much like big government-backed home lenders and, in practice, the major Wall Street banks during the 2008 crisis. In a recent joint House-Senate committee hearing, insiders warned that pensions could insolvent […]

This Painful Indicator Came Before Five of the Last Six U.S. Recessions

Swiss bank UBS released a report warning that even a moderate rise in oil prices could trigger an US. recession — with huge political and economic impacts. Higher oil prices could cause increases in global inflation and stunt industrial growth, the bank warns. All it would take is for the barrel price of oil to […]

This Makes Bitcoin Fall to Zero, According to Vanguard’s Top Investment Pro

Joe Davis, the head of Vanguard Investment Strategy Group, thinks Bitcoin could fall to zero. Vanguard managed $5.1 trillion as of the end of January, working for 20 million investors in 170 countries. Davis wrote a scathing assessment of the cryptocurrency’s future, questioning its value as a currency and as an investment vehicle. Davis added […]

Mark Mobius to Investors: Brace for 40% Stock Market Correction

Famed investment expert Mark Mobius is warning of an impending large-scale stock market correction. Mobius believes that a potential stock market crash anywhere between 30% to 40% could be in the offing. “I’m much more cautious. There could be a substantial correction in the markets … these short-term corrections can be quite dramatic,” Mobius said. […]

Analysis: Why Are Small Caps Roaring Higher? Trump Cut Both Regulation and Taxes

The Russell 2000, the bellwether index for small cap stocks, roared to a record high last week. Although small caps don’t enjoy the prominence of the larger and better-known stocks of the large-cap S&P 500 Index, since the beginning of the year it has been the smaller capitalized companies that comprise the Russell 2000 that have […]

7 Powerful Habits of Wealthy Real Estate Investors

Wealthy real estate investors don’t do things that differently from the average investor, but they do have different habits — and those habits drive them toward ever-greater profits. Rich property investors follow certain investing practices which are acquired by discipline and eventually become their second nature. Here are 7 highly effective habits of wealthy real […]

The Dollar Is Tanking. Here’s Where to Invest to Maximize Gains Now.

Financial analysts say that now is the optimal time to invest abroad — while the dollar is weak. That’s because as the value of foreign currencies rise against a falling dollar the return on foreign investment increases. The U.S. dollar lost more than 12% of its value against a host of foreign currencies since January 2017. […]